Experience Japanese old living exchange and Volunteering for Guesthouse "Nodokeya" in Tokushima

Wakimachi, Mima City is a famous area for it's preserved historic townscape, and guests staying at Nodokeya Guesthouse can take a few minutes' walk to explore it. The view of historic buildings with beautiful white walls and lattice windows that have been preserved since the Edo period creates an atmosphere as if you were transported to a world of period dramas. The accessibility to enjoy the townscape is one of the charms of Nodokeya Guesthouse. Additionally, the building itself has a homely atmosphere as the owner renovated it by hand. Guests can enjoy interacting with the owner and other guests, exchanging travel information and making new acquaintances.

The owner couple of Nodokeya Guesthouse is one of its attractive features, providing a cozy and homely atmosphere. The male owner is a musician and an IT developer who also handled the renovation of the building himself, using locally sourced materials. On the other hand, his wife is a professional manga artist who is skilled in art and design and has a strong focus on the interior and furniture of the guesthouse. The guesthouse features beautifully crafted handmade objects made by the owner's wife and antique furniture collected as her hobby.The owner couple values social interaction within the guesthouse and actively participates in it. They provide information about the local area, advice for travelers, and support for guests to have a comfortable stay.


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Hello Shibata family!!! The experience was amazing 😍. I was able to learn about country side Japanese culture. Experience a real Japanese cuisine.
And the family is the best in town. I will keep the five of them for ever in my heart.
I received more than I expected.
And I could see the world from Michiyo San eyes.
Also the community was kind.
So peaceful, so deep experience .
I recommend 100% for volunteers that are interested in be deeply connected with a Japanese family and a very unique small city Like Mima.
I hope see you again!
Happy life family:)

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Staying at Nodokeya guest house was a really good experience!
Michiyo-san and Yoshiho-san received me very well, and also their 3 cute children!
I had the opportunity to attend various events with local people, practice my japanese and make friends. Everyone was so nice to me! :)
The work was easy and less hours than expected (September is not a very busy season), I had a lot of free time.
The surroundings were very beautiful and calm, during the week there isn't a lot going on, it's peaceful.
It was sad to go, I definitely had a good time and plenty of fun ☺️
Hope to meet again!

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Arabia Saudita


It was my first experience and it was very good way better than I expected,
The area is peaceful and beautiful,
The host family are all kind, caring, respectful and treated me like one of the family ,
I met people there that became my friends,
It was really a lovely experience.

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Michiyo and Shibata were great hosts. They're very nice, welcoming, and accommodating. Michiyo took note of my favorite things and made sure to serve them for meals or took me to places to experience them. They fed me really well :) and took me to some interesting places around the area.
The work varies from day to day. Some days were quite hard, but other days were very easy. It also depends if there were a lot of customers or not. I also got a lot of time off so I was able to explore the area and relax. If you love nature and countryside living, then you will love this place.

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