Experience the charm of desert M'hamid - Morocco

My camp is about 1 km from from the village of Mhamid, . Beside the help you are going to do in our camp the view here is breathe taking, the calmness, the sunsets, sunrises plus the amazing sky during the night. I can't describe you here all the time about my place and the desert but you will have to come here to discover it. There is a Touareg proverb says that The desert does not indicate itself, it lives itself. Since we are runing a small project we can't provide food for everyone so for that voulunteers will need to pay a small fee ( 6€) each a day included 3 meals and the hot drinks like tee and coffee.

Brahim labdaa from Berber family who live in desert. A student in the school of life but still many things to learn and see. Peaceful though I enjoy life.


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It's a beautiful place. There's some improvements they have to make, because now it's just nice staying in the desert with a lot of tourists, that's why sometime you feel like some foreigner at someones house. On the other hand you have possibillity to meet all those people and to spent some time together.
It's a quite new place, so that's why it's understandable. All they need is more people, more focus on community life and care. Talking about hospitality. At first day of my arrival I got really sick and they were taking care of my as a family member. I'm gonna be always thankfull for that

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