Experiential Journey with TGG Foundation in Wayanad

"MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE" The experiential journey programs with TGG Foundation are available through the Responsible Human Mission, a membership program promoted by us to consciously connect people beyond geographical division, religion, race, gender, and color. We work to empower the rural community through sustainable livelihood creation. Our initiatives can be divided into the following core activities: SUSTAINABLE LIVING: In the year 2014, we took over the maintenance of the Green Gardens Farm in Wayanad, Kerala and have started working towards sustainability. Our vision was to transform the farm into a zero waste, zero budget project that empowers the rural community and provides a venue for urban youths and international students to understand sustainability practices. Book your Sustainable Living Practice (SLP): https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/23804288 Book your Sustainable Living Experience (SLE): https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/20314586 MINIMALIST LIVING: Started in the year 2018, The RHM Center exists to engage those individuals looking to broaden their capacity for purposeful human transformation. By our nature, we are curious creatures, and that curiosity for inner growth and expansion is all that is needed to begin a journey of transformation. Our hope is that all can embark on this path towards a life of kind selflessness and compassionate responsibility. If you are drawn to this self-exploration in a natural healing environment with us we look forward to meeting you. Book your Minimalist Living Practice: https://helpstay.com/stays/Intern-Human-Transformation-India Book your Minimalist Living Experience: https://www.vrbo.com/1685063 It would be our great pleasure to introduce you to Wayanad, Kerala. It is a bio-diversity hot spot surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery. You will be welcomed by a friendly and warm community, who are part of our mission to make the world a better place to live.

My name is S.V Laiju, I am the founder and Chairman of TGG Foundation which is a self-sustaining, registered rural development charitable trust working for the benefit of the rural community. We uphold a "One World" Philosophy in which we believe that the world is connected and all people united. We view everyone as equal. Our work is dedicated to rid hatred and discrimination and promote empathy and compassion. Our Karma guides us to work for the welfare of others without any self-interest. Most importantly we believe we "need to be the change we wish to see in the world" and inspire others to be active in their communities through our example. Our team currently consists of 5 women who with our support have formed a Self Help Group called "Navajyothi, Kerala" and a multi-tasking all-rounder called Hari.


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This is very much a place that gives you the space and freedom to decide what kind of experience you wish to have. Both the farm and center are quiet and beautiful and the food is really wonderful. Everyone is kind and there is no pressure to rush about at all. The vision of the foundation allows you to contribute through creative ways or simply learn from the surroundings there.

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