Farm in Bulgaria

We live in a beautiful part of an amazing country. 17km from 2 medium sized towns, an hour, in opposite directions takes us to 2 very different cities. We have opted out of the consumerist lifestyle, growing/rearing and making most of what we need. A possible description would be subsistence farming which whilst that can be difficult at times provides us with more happiness than the ratrace ever did. Tracey conjures up some great meals and Paul is a whizz with wood although we both will try anything that needs doing. If a helper wants to learn a new skill we will encourage them and provide what assistance we can, even if that is only finding how to's on Youtube. Following a long illness Paul died summer 2020, Tracey is continuing with the ethos they shared, of self reliance, although sometimes an extra pair of hands is sorely missed.

We are not a business so helpers are treated as part of the family, when possible any invitations we receive from friends for events are extended to helpers. If we are going to town, or to see friends, helpers are invited along, but the choice is theirs.

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