FEMM Ecuador

In FEMM Ecuador (Fundación Ecuatoriana para el estudio de Mamíferos Marinos), the volunteers will recieve a training in different areas (research, ecotourism, conservation, environmental education). Their help will benefit the foundation projects for the study of the marime mammals and the protected areas where they live. Volunteers will benefit a lot, because they will received training in different topics (research, ecotourism, conservation, environmental education), they will have chance to learn about Ecuaorian food and culture of Coastal region mainly and receive some spanish clases too. They will visit some protected areas and watch some nice landscapes and views including whale and dolphin watching activities related to research and ecotourism. They will have some tour guides opportunities to work and get in touch with tourists and besides attend to some workshops and seminars to meet with other specialist and to get experience in environmentals and biodiversity work in Ecuador. The volunteers who want to stay less than one month will work in social networks; fundraising for the projects; selling scientific and standard tours for whale and dolphin watching and souvenirs and they will learn how does it work a non profit organization from inside. It will be possible that volunteers help on the field trips (completely optional) with a cost agreed between the volunteer and the foundation. Furthermore, there are other two volunteering program: one with daily fees and another one free. In both of them the volunteers will learn all the necessary to do field work: basic use of a professional camera for dolphins and whales photo-identification activities; geographical positioning; use of digital devices for taking temperature, salinity and PH; use of software for photo-id, graphic design, mapping, manage of social media, etc. For more information contact with the organization. Volunteers will be 5km from the beach, very close to protected areas where the field activities usuallay occurs, they will have the chance to go to the beach and get some social activities too. The field office usually receives the visit of researchers, tour guides, volunteers, students, partners, that’s why volunteers have more chance and time to cultural Exchange, besides of social and cultural activities in free time.

We are an Ecuadorian private, non profit and volunteering organization, we have been working on research and conservation for 30 years to benefit Marine mammals (bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales mainly) and in recent years with marine-coastal protected areas to preserve their habitats.

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