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This was our first experience in worldpackers and we couldn't be more grateful, Gill and James are exceptional persons and they received us very warmly, we felt comfortable right away. The house is very nice they care about what everybody eats and they cook really well.
We worked in the vineyard and in their orchards and garden the amount of hours accorded, and they propose us to work in the morning only so we could get more time to enjoy our free time.
We went to a couple of pubs togheter and have and amazing time.
¡Excellent experience!

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Gill respondido

Really great to meet Andreas and Isabel. They are a lovely couple and we enjoyed spending time with them and getting to know them. Also we learnt how to make the most delicious Argentinian Chimichuri!
They were a good help when we had a few projects that needed to be completed in the vineyard, vegetable garden and around the farm.
We can certainly recommend them to other hosts.



Gill and James are a very kind and welcoming couple . They always cooked food for me everyday and in the evenings we would watch series together. The work in the vineyard was hard but many people were there to help so I wouldn’t have to do it alone . I would recommend this experience to people who want to immerse in the culture and want to live the lifestyle of the countryside of England. They provided me with a bicycle so I can drive to the city. Is only 20 minutes away and I’m very grateful for this because you can also have your independence in your free time.

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My 2 weeks at Fenny Castle Vineyard were special. Gill and James are some of the most welcoming, generous and kind hosts. We've spent a lovely time together and shared several glasses of great wine, delicious meals and lots of laughter. Their dog Bella is a precious creature who has never failed to fill my days with joy.
I highly recommend this experience as you'll learn different skills, immerse yourself in the local culture, be respected, eat well & healthy and have your own - very comfortable - room. If you like tranquility and are a proactive person, this is the right experience for you.

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