Finca El Gecko

There is plenty to do, but I am completely flexible about how you complete the 15 hours of work required. Whether it's 2 x 7.5 hour days - 5 x 3 hours a day or anything in between, I really don't mind. You will stay in an independent little house on the land with 3 bedrooms, so all volunteers can have a private room. The finca is surrounded by orange, almond and olive groves, the views are amazing and it's very quiet and peaceful. We operate entirely off grid, so it's a great opportunity to experience and learn how to live a normal life with just a solar system and well water.

I'm retired and live alone with my 4 dogs. I'm warm, friendly, very easy going and fiercely independent. I'm a huge fan of finding a use for things that anyone else might see as rubbish, so try to recycle, reuse and renovate wherever possible. As already mentioned volunteers will have their own living space away from the main house so I would expect that they would respect my privacy as I will respect theirs.

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