Finca la coquita

You can learn a lot about construction work im general with me, I worked in so many diferent jobs during my life and Im still learning and always happy to share my experience.
You will learn to take life easyer and see things from the positive side, I have a positive mindset and like to show people how to see things diferent always in a positive way.
This place is kind of unique cause ist away from everything you have lots of silence. Plenty of people who stayed here left with lots of energy and inspiration they told me. Especially the hidden waterfall is a energy point to recharge your batteries!

Hola My name is Janis, im originally from Switzerland but i left europe 4 years ago to start my dream of living off grid in a tropical place near the beach. So here I am, I started the whole proyect from zero, not even a road was there. As a passionate construction workers with lots of different skills and machines, I enjoy improving the place and doing new proyects. Im also a big animal/dog lover, during my time here I adopted 7 dogs and a cat. The place is 15min by motorbike up the mountains from Rio Ancho. Ist kind of remote, no other lights at night, no voices, only one „close“ neighbour, the river close to the house, monkeys, guacamayas, tucanes and other animals around. Its a little paradise for nature and silence lovers. I try to take my time for every volunteer, im a fair and open minded person and you can always talk to me about anything 🙌🏽

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