Fonteintanata Farm

Our perception of hosting is to "give and receive", helping each other in order to create beautiful atmospheres, having fun and make a few laughters. We like to have people around, sharing conversation and ideas. By choosing a similar experience you choose, at the same time to live in simple contexts and to find out that you have many more feelings that you would have expected, coming out in the middle of nature.

We are two young guys, brother and sister. We are looking for people who can help us in our projects, with the feeling of being part of something. We'd like to meet someone who don't mind to get his hand dirty and truly aware of participating in something in which city's chaos and frenzy are "strangers". Everyone needs desire, positivity and the will to do, to appreciate thins kind of experiences. In exchange of help and sharing, what we offer you is food, accommodation and an experience that, if you get yourself involved, it can color your mind.

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