He love isolated place in nature. He or she dont mind if no shop, no bus to go to the town at 10 km fureter..somebody wich is repectful of the place and has comment sense. He /she love my cats, my chiken andi’ve got a hive too. Love to speak with them and stay a moment beside to be close to them.. the gardening is current. Lawn machine, plant some vegetables or like that, watering, take care about the garden as their own. Be attentive to what i explain about animals and garden and way of life in the kitchen.

I’m very cool but expect somebody clean, no drug, no cigarette or outside, only occasionnally alcohol, and let everything in order. I dont want to change my way of life (timing to go to bed , or eat...) et hate the noise. Except those détails, i m somebody very agreable and i like to speak and éxchange. I must add that i m very busy during the day and during the week so...not so much time to speak! I noticed vegeterien /vegan, in reality we eat sometimes few meat and fish and i m not vegan but respectful if that is the case for the guest.. i m not vaccinated and heal myself without any chemical médecines, just with plants, and mental.

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