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We get a wide range of travelers ... a real melting pot. IT MAKES FOR interesting conversation and cultural exchanges. Its a nice environment with a huge park next door. We have a great time running this place and we are sure you will love it here too!

While the work is hard we try to have fun doing it! Helena from Finland is leaving soon and we need to replace her. We will miss her language and organizational skills and eagerness to make people feel at home in our place. We miss Laura from Argentine who gave English classes and made great Maté. Jo from England who photographed our rooms and events for our web pages. Job includes tasks to improve Hostel occupancy via social media marketing, translating, cleaning rooms, and welcoming our clients. But we also try to work together with your special skills. Its important that our residents feel like coming back soon! Work schedule includes 5 days a week and 4 hours per day, with a possible schedule flexibility to have occasional 4 day weekends.


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Totally recomend it! Toulouse is very close and if you are seeking discover the region are many great cities near by.
The staff is very Friendly =) You also gonna have a cozy place to chill and learn French.
The working hours are more then fair and the food is good.




My experience was so great I wanna go back! Working hours are short, the tasks simple enough and the people there so super nice :) I enjoyed this experience very much. It was my first worldpackers experience and I'm very grateful to Nancy for giving me the opportunity




I had a nice stay at the Auberge and it had everything I was looking for: it was calm, the staff was very nice and the working schedule left enough time to do other things throughout the afternoon. In addition, Toulouse is very easy and affordable to reach. The benefits were great and there were plenty of opportunities to speak and practice French. You get to meet locals and foreigners alike, and I found this a nice balance. Nancy and her family are always taking care of everything and the other employees are just as friendly. I recomend the auberge for volunteers and guests alike.


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My experience at Friendly Auberge was great. Everyone there was really kind and there was always a relaxed, calm atmosphere. Food is amazing, travel to Toulouse town centre is quick and cheap. Would definitely recommend it :)


Perfecto para ti si estás buscando


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