Full Sail Hostel

We're a small "party enough" Hostel and very down to earth. We're located 5 minutes from the most famous beach in Fortaleza, Beira-Mar and our place is pretty chill during the day and can get crazy at night.

Our staff are people who like to meet other people and have fun with them. Go out, explore the city or just BBQ in the back of the Hostel. Our projects could vary, the main rotation is breakfast, afternoon, evening, and bar shift. Each shift is 5.5 hours. The minimum is 2 weeks. Its a fun, easy, relaxing job, and we do our best to take care of our workers. We all are a family working as one to take care of our guests, and we are passionate about our jobs here.

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My experience at Full Sail Hostel could not have been any better! The manager Karen and the owners Alex and Jamily were really friendly and helpful, whether it came to explain the chores or just hangig out by the bar. The tasks and hours are flexible, as long as you are willing to help out your co-workers as well. The hostel location is fantastic, and I was able to do most things by foot or bike.
The hostel facility itself could be bit more tidy, but I've been told they will be working on improvements for this year. It is a great place to go to meet people from all over the world!



It was like a family! We had dinner together almost every day, always fun nights, even if we were just chillin... Jamile is a great girl, always ready to do something fun! I think what i like the most about working here is that the owners are always ready to improve the hostel, and if you have a good idea, they will go for it! I really miss you guys! I'll be back soon <3



I never felt so "at home" being a voluntary like here. There are so much good vibes here! I made a lot of friendships and had unforgettable experiences. I'm already missing every single moment that I lived here!


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