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Variety of guests from all over the world. Lots of opportunities to experience nature and beautiful surroundings. Work hard, play hard. Our schedules are flexible for everyone, but it's important to put our paying guests first, by being helpful, finding out what they need, and helping them with their requests.

You will be an important and valued member of the team. We need your strength and positive attitude! Be ready to face the day with a smile. Lots to do here, always. Some of it mundane, but all of it important. Be willing to do easy chores, and hard ones too. Quiet and harmony is important. We have many guests who are travelers working nights, and sleeping days.


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The house is an airBnB op a small road in a foresty area of poughkeepsie. Its very pretty but not greatly lit. Susan gives you the change to develop or do something with your own skills. Theres usually food in the house and you share a space for sleeping but have things between for privacy. Since this is an airBnB there are some housekeeping tasks to do which i probably read over so it took me by surprise the first day. But the people are really kind and interesting and its a nice location to get peace of mind. So it was a good time

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I've enjoyed incredible days with Susan, Her home felt is my own, nestled amid forests, far from the city, yet offering excellent WiFi
Susan's cultures& religions respect is admirable.
My advice to those considering a stay at Susan's house:
Crave nature's immersion& organic food?
Seek a positive environment?
Wish to enhance English & experiences ?
If you answered yes to any of these, then this opportunity is tailor-made for you.
for those who have other motives, I recommend To agree with themselves first
Finally, I am happy to be in constant contact with Susan after nice experience

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Susan respondido

Thank you Yacine. Your presence here has been a great blessing.

Estados Unidos


I really enjoyed my time with the other Worldpackers. As far as my time with Susan I just feel like things could have been a little better. I felt like I was always on call and even on off days would be asked to do things. There were a few times a felt my religion and dietary lifestyle weren’t respected. I would try hard and do what I could with the knowledge I had and I feel like that wasn’t even good enough based on Susan’s reaction’s. I just felt like it’s all everyone else’s fault except hers and it effected my mental health bad.

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Susan respondido

Sean was a pleasant, fun young man. I met him when he reached out and contacted me, being desperate to leave a situation at another location that involved intolerable living conditions. Without much of an interview, I accepted him to stay here, because I wouldn't want to see anyone be in the situation he described. While here, he got to meet a friend of mine, an executive chef, and I gave Sean a personal recommendation, after which, he was offered a paying job. I made arrangements for him to be here, even after his program ended, with the option to continue volunteering or paying a small, reasonable rent for his space, considering this IS New York, and a very expensive place to live. I also gave him a car to use to get around, at no cost to him, other than paying for his own fuel costs. It was not until well into his stay that I learned he had both physical and mental health challenges, and also that he was color blind. While it was not mandatory to know these things prior to the stay, earlier full transparency would have been helpful in understanding more clearly how to accommodate him in feeling even more comfortable, or find more suitable volunteer jobs for him where he could excel. We made every accommodation possible to make Sean feel comfortable given his belief systems and lifestyle choices. I discussed at length with Sean that he had a choice of continuing to do both volunteering for free room and board or begin paying rent at the end of the program, and could make that decision any time during the duration of his stay. He chose to both work and volunteer simultaneously, putting great time demands on him. The stress of the paying job on top of the continuation of volunteering, affected Sean at the end, and he admitted as much to me and to the management where he was working. He asked for access to a mental health specialist, counselor or psychologist, and neither the workplace nor my own location was able to provide these services. He told me and gave the job's management 2 weeks notice, saying that he would be better off going back home to Texas where his lifelong support system was. I did ask him to cover the $250 charge for the property damage that he caused due to negligence, which he agreed to reimburse for, but never actually did. While we have had some amazing experiences with WorldPackers up until this point, this experience with Sean has left us re-evaluating the WorldPackers program for our location, and we are uncertain we will continue on with it.

Nueva Zelandia


It was an enjoyable + chill experience with kind and friendly Airbnb guests, as well as getting to know other volunteers + Susan. The tasks are simple and straightforward, as well as good communication about potential improvements that could be made. There’s not a lot going on so be prepared to be a bit isolated if you don’t have a car as there’s also no public transport. There’s an abundance of food available (although be prepared to buy fresh ingredients yourself). I would totally recommend this place if you’re looking for some down time to relax and chip away at tasks.

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Susan respondido

Best wishes to you Bella in your life travels.



Este fue mi primer voluntariado y espero que todos los otros que venga sean igual de maravillosos que este. Susan es una excelente persona que se te hace sentir participe de todo lo que ella realiza en el Airbnb, me incluyó en sus actividades, lo que te hace sentir valorada.
Conocí gente maravillosa, huéspedes y otros voluntarios, es una gran experiencia para conocer personas de todas partes del mundo y sus culturas, la casa de Susan es un lugar maravilloso donde se mezclan esas experiencias y puedes conocer otras realidades.
Eternamente agradecida.

hace 7 meses

Susan respondido

Thank you Javi. We miss you. You left the space better than you found it, and what more could anyone ask for? Your joy and laughter filled this space up, and now it is strangely quiet. Your laughter and enthusiasm is infectious. I hope to see you again. The world is a better place with you in it.

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