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If you enjoy nature, trails, levada walks and surf, the north of Madeira Island is the place for you. We are a Guest House / Hostel in the north of Madeira Island, where the beauty of the landscape is hardly touched. The area is very sought after by all kind of tourists, from all ages, due to the diversity of activities from see sighting, trails, levada walks, escalating and surfing.

This Guest House is run only by me and there is no other Staff. I am a mature man, kind and easy going and will treat volunteers as friends and as a family.


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It was different from my previous experiences, it felt more like a regular work than a volunteer exchange for travelers. The person responsible is away most of the time, and there was not much interest in promoting social interaction or exchange of experiences. Communication and organization were problematic. I was lucky to meet some nice guests during my stay. The nature is beautiful around the village and there are a few places to explore, but it’s hard to get to other parts of the island. I would recommend the place for short stays and people interested specifically in that part of Madeira.

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Sao Vicente is a very quiet a beautiful green place. Surrounded by mountains and nature , it is also near to the ocean and there many surfing spots, with nice coastal villages with beach and natural pool like Seixal and Porto moniz. The duties in the hostel are making beds and cleaning and it is very easy. Joaquim is very kind and caring person, and he is always available if you have any problem. It was a nice experience i 100% recommend it.

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I absolutely recommend this experience!
Sao Vicente is a little town on the north part of the island and really really beautiful! The guest house is located on the hill with a Amazing viewed of the town and the coast.
Joaquim was really helpful and kind on my stay, All though the transport there in sao Vicente is complicated, you gonna walk a lot to get to the common areas of the town. But is worth it if you like hiking and nature, if there is not another volunteer at the same time as you, try to make friends on the hostel so you join to the adventures of other travelers.

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I had a really great time volunteering here! The work was really fair. Madeira as a whole is amazing but Sao Vincent especially is a really really beautiful place - I will definitely be back! The only thing is that the bus timetables are quite limited. Joaquim did his best to help which I’m so grateful for, but without a car, it is difficult to explore the rest of the island. If your uncomfortable hitchhiking alone I definitely suggest to come with a friend or ask if there’s another volunteer at the same time you’re there. That made the experience so much more enjoyable for me :)

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This was my first experience and everything was perfect, the job is very simple and the place is super relaxing. Joaquim is very kind and gentle with volunteer and guest. I reccomend 100% to stay here.

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