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If you enjoy nature, trails, levada walks and surf, the north of Madeira Island is the place for you.
We are a Guest House / Hostel in the north of Madeira Island, where the beauty of the landscape is hardly touched. The area is very sought after by all kind of tourists, from all ages, due to the diversity of activities from see sighting, trails, levada walks, escalating and surfing.

This Guest House is run only by me and there is no other Staff. I am a mature man, kind and easy going and will treat volunteers as friends and as a family.


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My communication with the owner of the guest house before I came to volunteer was very different before I arrived as soon as I arrived to volunteer I felt unwelcome and the owner's attitude was quite bitter towards me in a way that I really did not expect and was very disappointing. The general atmosphere was difficult for me. I left a month early and for me I left with a lot of disappointment from my first volunteering experience. Sorry but I would not recommend from my personal experience to volunteer at this place. It was definitely depressing month

hace 2 meses



I recommend this place for everyone who loves nature, peacefulness and calmness. Madeira is beautiful. Joaquim is a very kind and understanding person. Thank you for everything! I wish You the best

hace 6 meses

Nueva Zelandia


This was a fantastic experience, Joaquim and his family are so welcoming, and the quest house is an amazing place to have as a base to explore the island. Such a cozy place with a fantastic view surrounded by nature. Work is as agreed, and there is plenty of free time to relax or explore the island. Thanks for having me!!

hace 8 meses



Joaquim is a very beautiful person, he always tries to be avaiable and help you!!! I had a really great time in sao vicente, madeira is amazing.
You have a lot of time for yourself and the work is very easy, only two or three hours/day. I recommend renting a car if you can afford it because without a car, it's difficult to explore all the island, the bus timetables in Sao Vicent are quite limited.

hace 9 meses



My month at the Garden Guest Housse was a wonderful experience. Work left me with a lot of free time, which allowed me to go surfing in my spare time and enjoy the beauty of the island. I would also like to thank Joaquim for his kindness. I recommend this experience at 100%.

hace 9 meses

Joaquim respondido

Elliot is a very nice young man. Very responsible for the tasks assigned to him. It was a pleasure to have Eliot in my Guest House, a person which was so nice to talk to him. I wish Eliot all the best in his life and in is career. Hope to meet again. I can recommend Elliot to any place he might apply as a volunteer or for any work.

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