Geraldton Backpackers on the Foreshore

Geraldton is a coastal town on the Coral Coast of Western Australia. The beach is at our back door, you will be within walking distance of all shopping requirements and Geraldton's many attractions. Our climate is warm, we do not have cold winters so you can swim all year round. Our hostel is located in a Heritage listed building, with ocean views from the terrace areas. We have two TV rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, pool table, outdoor garden alfresco dining areas, and security parking.

We are a very small family run hostel . The maximum guests is 50, however we are only at 100% capacity during the holiday weeks, so the work load is always manageable. We will always support and assist if the hostel is busy. You will have tasked assigned to you each day. Your duties will include, but are not limited to, housekeeping duties, linen changeover in rooms, cleaning of rooms, vacuuming, damp dusting, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming hallways and foyer areas, cleaning the kitchen at night, sweeping outdoor areas and laundry. We will welcome you into our family, and we will ensure you have a wonderful experience. You will have the afternoon each day to explore our beautiful town.


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i had a really wonderful time. In addition to housekeeping and cleaning, I set up a new homepage for Pippa. Times are always kept well and I had a great time. Just an info for other travelers, breakfast is not included. Thank you for everything.

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it was a great experience

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I had an absolutely fantastic and fulfilling time at Geraldton Backpackers and I cannot describe enough in words how kind and generous my hosts were! I also felt very safe and comfortable living there as the hostel is really clean, organized and has good security. Pippa gives clear instructions and helpful guidance, and sets out reasonable expectations. On your end as a volunteer, you do have to put in good effort and honest work to help out with the upkeeping of the hostel but never did I once feel that the tasks were overly demanding or difficult, even if there might have been busier days!

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