Gili Castle

Our hostel has all that you need for having a great time, a large chill out area with swimming pool, climbing wall, jumping tower, bar and lots of games to be played! AND RECENTLY AWARDED TO A 5 STAR HOSTEL BY HOSTELGEEKS! We want this place to be your home away from home! We have free WiFi, free breakfast, free Tea and Coffee and fresh water in all taps. Shared bathrooms and showers that are modern and cleaned 2 times a day. We offer air conditioned dorm rooms with three beds in each, the bed linen is provided up on check in. A Personal reading light and a small shelf for charging your electrical devices above your bed. We also offer air conditioned double rooms with a king size bed and en-suite bathroom overlooking the pool. WARNING: THIS PLACE IS VERY HARD TO LEAVE!! :D

We have great staff always open for helping our guests. You will be part of an amazing team that works hard to make this place the best in the island but at the same time knows how to have good fun.

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this is without a doubt the greatest hostel i've ever worked at. the staff is soo great! i wish i could have stayed there longer. everyone that came through ended up staying longer than their original alitted time. that speaks volumes of this place of no one leaves! hahah. johnny, the guy who runs place is an awesome dude. he will take care of you. there is such a laid back atmosphere, i kove it! i wish that all hostels were like this place. Trust me when i say, give this place a chance! you will have one of the best times of your life!

23 días atrás


The conditions offered didn't really match the reality. I wasn't offered a bed, but instead a pile of mattresses under the stairs, harry potter style. If I was just backpacking wouldn't have been a problem, but when you're supposed to hang out with your guests until late and wake up at 9am, it matters. Although the management team was always correct with me, they never really welcomed me properly. I was never invited for a meal or a beer, which goes against the slogan of the hostel "come as a guest, leave as a friend". Only with Bella I managed to have a couple of chats. Concluding, it was ok.

más de 1 año atrás


Gili Castle Team! Best bunch of people you can find in Gili T. Since the first moment I arrived everyone was so welcoming. The atmosphere between guests and staff makes you want to stay more and more. Supposed to stay 2 weeks and end up staying almost a month :) Special Thanks to Bella, Mercedes and Ricky! Best bosses ever :) hope to see you soon guys!

más de 1 año atrás


Very good opportunity to paint in Gili T! The staff is the nicest and super easy going. It is a party hostel, very easy to meet fellow travelers but quite loud. Would recommend :)

más de 1 año atrás


As soon as I arrived in Gili Castle, the staff made me feel more then welcome
they were really suportive and let you enjoy the island anyway you want it
Gili Castle is notorious known as an eternal party place, as a party promoter you gotta make sure guest feel welcome and cheer them up to join in the pool and grab a beer
I met a lot of people who were traveling alone and in Gili Castle they mannaged to meet new friends who are now part of their history
I really liked staying there, it was a great opotunity to get to know Gili whilst making my time useful
Recommend to anyone who is HAPPY

casi 2 años atrás

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