Gili Castle

Our hostel has all that you need for having a great time, a large chill out area with swimming pool, climbing wall, jumping tower, bar and lots of games to be played! AND RECENTLY AWARDED TO A 5 STAR HOSTEL BY HOSTELGEEKS! We want this place to be your home away from home! We have free WiFi, free breakfast, free Tea and Coffee and fresh water in all taps. Shared bathrooms and showers that are modern and cleaned 2 times a day. We offer air conditioned dorm rooms with three beds in each, the bed linen is provided up on check in. A Personal reading light and a small shelf for charging your electrical devices above your bed. We also offer air conditioned double rooms with a king size bed and en-suite bathroom overlooking the pool. WARNING: THIS PLACE IS VERY HARD TO LEAVE!! :D

We have great staff always open for helping our guests. You will be part of an amazing team that works hard to make this place the best in the island but at the same time knows how to have good fun.


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It's was wonderful...


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The best place I have ever been too! Everyone at Gili Castle made my experience the best it could’ve possibly of been. After only a few days it felt like I had knew everyone for a lot longer, you feel welcomed as soon as you step foot in there. I can definitely say I have made friends for life there and will definitely be returning very soon! thankyou for the amazing experience!!!




Positive: As a solo traveller it was a great way to enjoy Gili T and was so lovely to be able to meet with so many nice people and had a lot of fun.
The hostel also allowed the promoters to join the guests at the different activities for free.
Negative: The accommodation was not just dirty but absolutely disgusting. The promoters need to clean their accommodation and it was not done for months.
I also did not appreciate when I found one of the managers searching for his key in our accommodation while checking through our stuff without any permission or notification.
Overall reccommended!




1- I was stolen Inside the volunteer house
2- The injury was more than $200 and they charged me $20 for the tabs
3- They asked me don’t tell to the police I was working there
4- They didn’t answer the police calls, even when I asked them a right number to call but they didn’t answer me although were online charging me
5- I wouldn’t review the hostel but they wrote a negative review about myself that isn’t true, Anyway the Worldpackers team have been aware about
Nevertheless, I just wish the best for the staffs and new volunteers


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some("I can’t recommend this place enough. The staff and managers are super welcoming and fun, the rooms are nice, and the pool and bar are a great place to spend the day. I met so many amazing people and am leaving with memories that I will never forget. If pool parties and late nights are what you’re looking for than this is the place to be. Most of the guests end up extending their stay because it’s a hard place to leave.")


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