Gili Mansion

You will be living in a tropical paradise! We have great staff, a wonderful pool, jumping platform, cold bintang and the opportunity to make new friends. We also have a sister hostel, Gili Castle, which has a rock climbing wall next to the pool. Be the life of the party here and help our guests feel at home.

Our management team and staff are very kind and caring people. All of our volunteers feel like part of our family here. We provide you with accommodation and breakfast during your stay plus time off. The schedule varies depending on the day and what events we have going on.


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I don’t call it work when I’m surrounded by friends and fun. My 3 weeks in Gili Castle and Gili Mansion were just awesome!! All the staff in the hostel were very friendly and chill, and after a few days I was feeling like home. The pool parties are just great and everynight is fun with pre-drinks, drinking games and loads of guests (that became friends).I totally recommend this place to anyone that want to have a great time in Gili T.
Already miss everybody! :)

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