Goodmorning Solo Traveller Hostel

Our hostel is a medium-sized hostel full of energy and good vibes. Socializing is our keyword. We focus on providing unforgettable experiences to our guests. We organize a series of events and tours so that the guests can meet and enjoy their time with us! Located in the city center, we are at a walking distance from all the main attractions in Lisbon!

We are a family and we want it to get bigger. So, if you are open minded and want to have some fun while working, we may be the place for it!


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It’s probably the best team I’ve ever worked with. I felt love and support every minute of my stay here. I’ve been taught a lot of things about how hostels work, about hospitality, and even about being myself. The hostel has an incredible vibe I can’t even describe❤️
The tasks are pretty easy and you do it in so natural way, so you don’t even feel you work. In fact, you're just having your new friends in your new house. Looking back now, I can say that GM hostel is the best way to start your Worldpackers experience! It is a place you don’t wanna leave, so I really hope to see you again, guys!

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Tatiana respondido

Dear Kate, I don't even know where to start... When I first met you I told you that this experience would change your life, so I feel very happy to know it did! But at the same time, it is not easy to find a person like you: kind, passionate and open to new friendships. You are part of the Goodmorning Family and we miss you much! (don't take that long to visit us again!)

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