Government Middle School, Janauli

My beautiful home is situated at DLF valley (in the outskirts of Panchkula city) surrounded by Morni hills at the bank of a river. Forest area, for hiking or tracking, is only 20-30 minutes walk away. Two good hill stations 1) Morni hills ( places like Tikkar Lake) (in Haryana) and 2) Kasauli (in Himachal Pradesh) are only around 45 minutes drive away from here. The capital of Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh (The city beautiful) is only 30 minutes drive away from my place. There are lots of beautiful places worth visiting are under one hour drive away. In DLF valley club, the facilities like Table tennis, Tennis, Vollyball, Bedminton, Swimming pool, Bar, Cafe, Restaurant etc. are available. Staying with a local family would provide the first hand experience of Indian culture.

The Government Middle School in Janauli village is also situated in the lap of Morni hills. There are only 59 lovely kids from nearby villages and 6 teachers in the school. The villagers are very peaceful people who would love to interact with volunteers and so are their children (students) who are very curious, easy to connect and eager to learn along with that very respectful as well.

So far I came across two types of volunteers in India, one who come, stay and after visiting, decide "they never gonna visit India again" and other who come, visit and after it, they can never stop themselves to visit here again and again. It's your turn to find out...

In GMS school Janauli, there are 5 teachers and 1 school head in teaching staff and two female cooks for preparing mid day meal of the school. All the people are peaceful, cooperative and will love to interact with the volunteers. The treatment depends on both sides, Iam pretty sure about good treatment from school staff and rest is upto the volunteers.

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Volunteering with Vikas is a unique opportunity to know Indian people and culture. The children of school are so lovely, pure and funny. Had great times with them. The family, the house and the food are also amazing. Furthermore, Vikas is a very good person, that always wants to help, showing touristic places and making things feel comfortable. 100% recommended!

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It was an incredible experience! I’m super happy to have met Vikas who helped me and took care of me all the time, he is an amazing person. I had unforgettable moments helping in English classes at school. The teachers and children at the school are super friendly and kind. They have treated me all the time with love and respect.
Thanks to my host India Family who hosted me and opened the doors of their home to me as another member of the family.
This volunteering is recommended! The people, the school and the city landscapes are beautiful.

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Vikas respondido

It was a pleasure to work with Magda. She is an honest, hardworking, proactive and a wonderful person. She brings energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the work. She is open minded and a very social person. I highly recommend her as a volunteer. I wish her good luck for her coming life. She is always welcomed here.



I had an amazing experience during my stay ;) The school is great, the staff are very friendly, kids are wonderful, a bit mischievous but well meaning and kind!!
The landscapes and hills are soo beautiful, every hike was a pleasure.
And I’m really happy to call Vikas my friend now!! He’s a wonderful person, caring, kind, talented, intelligent and soo funny!! Спасибо for all the amazing moments we shared together!!

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Vikas respondido

Katya's stay created many wonderful moments and memories.

She has a good sense of humour along with some creative writing skills. She is an introvert, shy, trustworthy and an honest person. She possesses a kind heart and beautiful soul.

Having such person as a friend is nothing less than a blessing. She is a pleasant and soothing company to be with. Overall she is a happy person and spread good & healing vibes around.
We all enjoyed her company and the togetherness. We would surely love to have her again. Wish her good luck for her wonderful future.



Personally, it has been an amazing experience not only for the volunteering itself, but for the hospitality, generosity and above all, the friendly atmosphere all of them showed me during my whole stay. I felt like at home with Vikas and all his circle of friends/family and I had an incredible time with the lovely students of the middle school. If I can, I will be back again for sure :)

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Vikas respondido

Ainhoa is an active, socially interactive and a nice person. The students enjoyed playing and dancing with her a lot. She is very curious to know and understand the other cultures, people and their languages. We all had a good time with her. I definitely recommend her and we would love to have her here again. Good luck for her future.



I had a wonderful time at the school, the kids were so nice and overall the experience was great! Tip for future volunteers: the kids will give you 10000 presents, so leave a little space in your luggage and maybe bring something to gift them back ;)

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Vikas respondido

You are a kind soul and have a good heart, Paulina :) . We all enjoyed a very good time with you. The girl students of 6th and 7th grade are in love with you and will surely miss you more. Thanks for sharing the wonderful time with us. We would surely love to have you again in future. Best wishes :)

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