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We teach the children on Sapa. We have a whole community that builds a better place for local people. We also have a small school that teaches kids soft skills, those they don't have the chance to learn in official school. We also have an organic farm to teach kids about how important it is to eat healthy food. We're a social enterprise. We are building a homestay network, that means we have many places need help now. The purpose of our organization is helping ethnic local people have a better life and also create a chance to exchange the cultures around the world. Our homestays are now usually at rural areas where I realize that children here don't have the condition to learn the good things like language and soft skills like teamwork or problem solve and other stuff and seem like the traditional way to teach here is not interesting to the children.

Gowhere Hanoi Hostel is our headquarter, a good place to discuss with the volunteer about our project and also a place to take a rest before going to rural area. For those volunteers who spend LESS than 20 days with us, we ask for a small money contribution for accommodation.


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The night I arrived they already had a private room for me. They paid for all travel expenses, even did my laundry for free. It goes without saying that it is a rural place, with all of which that entails (farm animals, a remote location, lights out at 11 PM, etc...), but let's be real: you're reading this because you want to be in an enchanting mountain away from the crowds, cozied up in a warm cabin. It has a beautiful, sun-kissed terrace that oversees the rice fields in the valley. The scenery is mesmerizing, the family dinner is delicious, the cabin is cosy and wooden, just book already.




It was a really good experience! Specially because I can apply my Digital Marketing knowledge to try to help the Hmong people. Also, it was amazing that they give the opportunity to be in a local homestay for almost two weeks. After this volunteer I think that I love my job again :)
About the people really amazing, always had a smile for me they were very compresive and helpful when the situations requires that.
If you have the choice don't doubt to join them!




I didn't do what I applied for, I was told I would be doing something else when I arrived to the office, not before, and in the beginning they didn't give me any job, I had to be after my supervisor to have some work to do.
The homestay was awesome.




Una vez llegué a Vietnam y después de hablar con el equipo, cambiaron totalmente de idea sobre lo que se había acordado. Pues aunque la familia de Sapa era muy hospitalaria, me sentí un poco decepcionada. En vez de hacer las clases de inglés, tal y como acordamos a través de la página web, meví realizando tareas domésticas y atendiendo a los invitados.


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