Granny's House

This is a home-stay with the dream of one day becoming a meditation center. Help us create on-sight gardens and a walking meditation path. If you like to meditate or want to learn, If you like peace and quiet, if you like walks through the woods, if you like fresh-delicious-healthy food, if you like to garden/farm/landscape, if you enjoy living and exploring in a spectacular town/city (Bellingham, WA), then you will want to choose this volunteer opportunity.

Benjamin Rose (60yo male), Sondra Rose (88yo female), O'Malley (7yo male cat), and Shea (3yo female dog) are the current residents at Granny's House. We are looking for volunteers to help us create a meditation center where people can come and meditate and enjoy food that is mostly grown on-sight. We are peaceful people and good communicators. We will provide you with a living space (RV pictured) and two healthy vegetarian meals per day in exchange for about 20 hours of help per week. We are laid-back and easy to work with. My prediction is that helping us here at Granny's house will be a very rich, satisfying and fun experience!


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Benjamin was very thoughtful during my stay. He asked what my goal was and he was willing to help. He took me to great meditation spots in the park, he took me hiking and a little rock climbing with his dog Shea, and he showed me around Bellingham (which was a very nice city). He would make an excellent tour guide.

He made sure I enjoyed the projects he was giving me. And he's a very good cook! I learned a lot during my stay. He even taught me how to ride a bike 😄

I'm gonna miss playing bananagrams with him & Sondra (Benjamin's mom)!

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Benjamin and his mum Sondra were really friendly, welcoming and generous. Benjamin was flexible with designating tasks and allowed lots of free time to explore the Area. The host was very engaged and showed me and my friend to the town and local towns. He also took us along for beautiful hikes near waterfalls and moutains. A fun experience and a chance to reconnect with nature, learn about natural foods and gardening fruit and vegetables and explore a beautiful part of the USA. The food the host provided was very organic and healthy. I feel like I've learn a lot!

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This was my first experience with Worldpackers and it was great!
Benjamin and his family are very nice people!
Together with Shea (Benjamin's dog) and Bryan, another volunteer, we went hiking in beautiful places, work with plants and eat delicious foods that are made with almost everything from his garden :)
Thank you very much for receiving me in your house and for everything. It’s was for just a couple of days, but, I will remember my learnings forever!

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Benjamin is a very kind, honest and very helpful human being. He showed me how to meditate and has honestly impacted my life in great ways. I can now see the importance of community, how good food can be, how grateful I can be, and how beautiful life is.
I would recommend it to anyone interested in helping others and getting to know a beautiful town at the same time. In fact, I loved this city so much I'm moving here.
If you decide to stay, please go on the morning walks, there are so many beautiful trails around the house, waterfalls, forests and so much more.
Anyways, Thank you Benjamin!

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