Green New World at Finca Nuevo Mundo

Green New World is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting our planet in the transition to a sustainable and healthy civilization by developing, teaching and demonstrating sustainable living models.

Green New World’s educational research center, Finca Nuevo Mundo is being developed in the valley of Tzununa close to the shores of Lake Atitlan in the Highlands of Guatemala to experiment and showcase regenerative and sustainable living models while restoring harmony with nature. Our models integrate principles and designs from numerous fields such as permaculture, biophilic design, holistic sciences, biomimicry and appropriate technology with focus on shelter, water, energy, food and zero waste systems. We are currently building a Carbon Negative Net Zero model home known as the House Of PeacE aka HOPE which is an experimental prototype to develop autonomous regenerative residential buildings. The structure consists of a cluster of four interwoven domes out of Superadobe also known as Earthbags that form a peace symbol. HOPE integrates a holistic water system with a rain catchment, a water recycling system where every drop of water is used 4 times, natural grey-water filters, a hybrid renewable energy system and a sewage recycling system to make biogas while capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and converting it to organic fertilizer and soil amendments. For more information please visit The property was purchased in 2010 to establish a natural living research and education center and create a sustainable community. The project site has 9 acres with a subtropical and temperate food forest with avocado, banana, berries, locuat, sapote, mango, fig, taro, yucca, papaya, coffee, citrus among other varieties, 6 mountain springs, three streams, nearby waterfalls and great views of the lake and surrounding volcanoes.

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