Green Volcano Ranch (Volcanic Crater)

This volunteering opportunity is one in a million. We live in one of the two populated craters in the world, yes, INSIDE, a crater. The crater belongs to an active, but dormant volcano, located in the equator. This program will allow you to have a connection with nature, learn about it and maybe even value a bit more the world you live in. You will learn about our tourism company with horses. A company that manages an ethical view and approach when it comes to taking care of our 14 horse babies. You will have the opportunity to live a cultural exchange with our community, meet volunteers from all over the world and make memories for a lifetime.
The crater offers you the opportunity to be in contact with one of the most diverse spots in Ecuador, this is a wonderful place to discover a numerous variety of orchids, birds and wild fauna. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place and we would love to share this little chunk of heaven with you.

We are offering volunteers housing and food for you to cook your delicious meals! Its a great opportunity to share dishes fro your home place with the rest of volunteers.

Since we have limited space at the volunteer house, we prioritize volunteers with horse experience. Getting to know the horses and the routine might take a bit, we really encourage volunteers to stay a minimum of two months.

An Oregon native and recent immigrant to Ecuador. I oversees general operations at the ranch, and Im in the midst of making plans for exciting new construction, of which I'd love to teach about. Im friendly, openminded and welcoming. Thats why I try my best to make this place so warm and welcoming. My staff as me, we share the same advocacy for kindness and respect. We've worked with many volunteers with different programs, and trust me, they all have loved the experience.


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rafa has been an amazing host, he really cares for the volunteers and their well being, and regularly took us out of the crater to do little trips around. the house was cozy, could use some improvement here and there but overall a pleasant place to hang out, cook etc.

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I had a wonderful experience for more than a month in the Green volcano Ranch thanks to the amazing people I get to meet and work with, staff and volunteers and the ranch itself is located in a gorgeous crater full of luxurious nature where you can find amazing places to hike during your free time. The hours of work are well respected and the horses adorable to work with and take care. I can only recommend :)

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