GreenSong Sanctuary

GreenSong Sanctuary is a learning centre for healing, arts and regenerative agriculture on the Slocan River. Located across from an island bird sanctuary and at the base of Valhalla Provincial Park, it is surrounded by natural beauty. We are focused on creating community, and local culture.

All of the follow are things we do and like to share with those around us. We have extensive knowledge and experience with organic farming. We love to wildcraft food and medicine. One of the members of the community has lived in India studying and teaching yoga for over 25 years. 4 of the members of the community are bodyworkers, including osteopathy, massage therapy, shiatsu and biodynamic craniosacral. 3 of the members of the community are musicians who play regularly. We hold regular new and full moon ceremonies. Guests are treated with respect and encouraged to work and live at their own pace. People of all backgrounds are welcome.

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