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To experience another side of Honduras in one of the more hidden bay islands. Guanaja is a beautifully lush island surrounded by sandy beaches with lots of snorkelling and hikes for the adventurous traveller. Life in Guanaja is much more basic than the other bay islands, so you need to be a person that is happy in nature, enjoy periods of solitude, at peace with the odd power cut and internet outage and not afraid of the odd bug here and there. In return you will be rewarded with a place of tranquility that's much less travelled than the other bay islands, where you can get to experience local culture without hoards of other tourists. Tourism is much slower in Guanaja than the other bay islands, so it's important you are ok with being the only person at the hostel on occasions, enjoying the space to yourself.

It’s a very relaxed hostel and we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers over the age of 22 that are willing to spend a minimum of 4 weeks getting involved in projects around the property such as construction, building, gardening, cleaning, cooking, permaculture, animal care, social media etc. In return, we provide free dormitory-style accommodation. We offer ingredients for 2 simple meals (breakfast & lunch), 5 days a week ( we provide staples such as oats, eggs, pasta, rice, beans, flour, milk, veg etc) which the volunteers will get involved in making for themselves, us or other volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for purchasing and making their own evening meals as well as all meals on days off. Local stores are a 15 minute walk from the hostel and you can find an abundance of goods there, as well as a selection of eateries offering baleadas, pasteles, fried chicken, chicken wings, fish fingers and fries etc. We also offer free filtered water and coffee and for when you really need to quench your thirst plenty fresh coconuts!


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Guanaja backpacker es una experiéncia única, Mary & Aaron te hacen sentir en casa y estan por ti en todo momento, el lugar es mágico, con aguas turquesas y el verde de las colinas. La gente de la isla es muy agradable.
Despertaras cada dia con una sonrisa escuchando las canciones del gran Dic, y
Luna/ Koha/ Cooper/ Max y la pequeña Didi te acompañan en todo momento , no podras aburrirte con ellos.
El trabajo es variado y entretenido, pasan muy rapido las horas.
Recomiendo este voluntariado con Guanaja backpackers al 100% .

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This experience was one of the greatest of my life! Definitely a place to reconnect with essentials in the paradise of the island of Guanaja. You will help them in différents kind of tasks and will improve your skills!
Aaron and Mary are really lovely and will make you feel at home, always here to help you and give you some tips. Would recommend this to everybody! Hopefully I will come back in the next few months

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Guanaja Backapackers Hostel is a unique place and I can absolutely recommend it to fellow volunteers and travelers. The island setting is just mindblowing in every aspect, Aaron and Mary are very kind and they make sure you have everything what you might need to have a really pleasant experience. The workload is fair and being done your daily tasks you are basically on an island holiday where you can enjoy snorkeling, hiking, roaming in the tropical forest and connecting with nature. Thanks Aaron and Mary ,I wish you all the best!!

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So amazing experience! This hostel was the best choice for my first time volunteering. I really felt I was in a place I could call home, so calm and comfortable. It is perfect for old souls who like good music too! Guanaja is full of history. You can know many places there if you are an aventurer.
Aaron is so nice, he know how to make the place awesome. Everyday works you have to help, but they will not feel as a work because you will love the place surrounded by nature, beach and cute animals! I did my photography work too.
Definitely planning to come back! Thanks for everything.

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Thanks Aaron for everything, it was fucking awesome experience of my first time volunteering!
The host Arron is a super nice, talkative and funny guy, the only thing you have to do just ask if you don’t really know what to do, and that would be perfect if you have any idea to make this place better.
Also, I was working with two volunteers, they are super outgoing, being so much patient with me and we had so much fun every day!
Anyway, I do enjoy the life in Guanaja and I bet that you would definitely fall in love with this gorgeous island if you are looking for real natural life!

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