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Our guesthouse is located in Ilha do Guajiru which is a beautiful and safe area in the northeast of Brazil. Ilha do Guajiru consist of just one street along the big kite surf lagoon. It's a very laid back and small kite-surf-place but it gets pretty busy in high season. It's very usual to see free donkeys, horses or cows passing your way.
There are no supermarkets, banks or pharmacies, etc. in our small kite surf area (but lots of chilled bars, restaurants, etc.). However the next village with all the necessary shops and banks is 6 km away from our remote place and it's easy to get there.

We have a combination of hostel and guesthouse. Our little restaurant is offering a tasty & healthy vegetarian cuisine which is the same kind of catering for our volunteers....certainly Caipirinha and cold beer is part of the Brazilian life style and will be served in our beach bar in front of the huge kite surf lagoon.

We are a small team with regular employees and volunteers. It's like a small family business as we are getting along very well and respect each other. I appreciate helpers in our team who like a peaceful and vegetarian life style. Generally we are happy about people who can help with the daily targets of a guesthouse but also help to manage our beach bar and help with the service in our vegetarian beach restaurant. Depending on the bookings it can be pretty chilled and relaxing but sometimes it can get very busy. Beside the daily help we also appreciate helpers with special skills in kite surfing, yoga, meditation, massage, gardening, online marketing, carpeting, art&design, vegan or vegetarian hobby-chefs, maintenance, hobby web-designer, English teacher for our staff, etc. However please feel free to contact us and ask about more details. !!! Please check out if the time period of your stay fits to your help and expectations with the season. !!!! ------ Targets in relation to the seasons: ----- --> mid January - March: This is the season where the wind drops down and when the rain is starting. So in January and February we can still have wind but it can also rain a lot. In February we are closing our guesthouse and therefore we only need people who enjoy a very quiet place, don't mind rain and like to help with maintenance, art, gardening or online marketing, etc. --> July - mid January: This is our windy season and we receive international kite surf guests. We need happy and friendly helpers who like to help with the general service of a guesthouse: If it's busy you are welcome to manage our beach bar and give us a hand in our vegetarian restaurant, keep the place neat or give it a glance with your creativity, help the guests to start and land their kite, if you are a kite surfer you can help with downwinder-tours, sometimes with breakfast or check-in and check-out, informing guests about tourist attraction and the area, etc. On more quiet days we like to improve the place and appreciate help with maintenance, gardening, art&design, yoga, meditation, paintings, online-marketing, administration, photos, etc. >>> Mid October - mid December: This is the highest season and we need help with the general targets. It can get very full and stressful but also fun and definitely windy. :) In this season we have a lot of German speaking guests and it might be more fun for you if you speak a bit German. However it's not necessary.


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Nice place and friendly staff. The host is very kind and we got along ok, but I don't feel comfortable recommending others nor did I feel comfortable there. I'm grateful for the experience, but it was very challenging at times. I wish the owner all the best and I hope future volunteers have a better experience than I did. It helps if you are into kitesurfing..

hace 4 meses

Angela respondido

Erik is a very friendly and intelligent person. I appreciated his general knowledge and am grateful for his commitment to the areas in which he liked to help.
However he seemed a little sad and I felt that he was looking for something that wasn't in our responsibility.
Sometimes certain people's energies don't match and it's a challenge for both parties to come to terms with that. That was our feeling with Erik.
Nevertheless, I wish Erik all the best and that his journey will bring him joy and happiness. I hope he finds what he needs to radiate inner contentment. And that he can bring a little more joy and lightness to his everyday life.



Heaven on earth. I stayed here for 3 weeks. My first time in Brazil and this was an absolutely amazing welcome to the country. The staff are the sweetest! Angela made sure I had everything I needed and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way.
I was able to progress with kitesurfing drastically thanks to the flexible hours they gave me according to the kiting conditions. They were very considerate.
Unfortunately I had to leave a little earlier than planned to be able to spend holidays with friends before they left the country. And as understanding as they were, they let me go.

hace 5 meses



O lugar é muito bonito de natureza, me parece ideal pra quem faz kite surf. No meu caso fui pela experiência na cozinha, vale dizer que quem se aplica a essa vaga tem bastante trabalho se comparado as outras vagas. A experiência na cozinha foi ótima porque Leila é excelente cozinheira, conhecê-la foi sem dúvida a melhor parte desse voluntariado. José, o gerente nesse momento, trata todos com muito respeito. Infelizmente não posso dizer o mesmo sobre Ângela, a anfitriã, que poderia melhorar a comunicação e respeito. No geral foi uma boa experiência pelos pontos positivos com a equipe.

hace 10 meses



Quantas experiências juntas.Conhecemos um lugar maravilhoso, o contato com a natureza é direto. Mais com Angela a dona, a experiência não foi ótima, hoje ela nos expulsou do lugar de forma agressiva e com violência física.Conseguimos hospedagem em outra pousada sem dar explicações, já que não é a primeira vez que isso acontece com seus voluntários. Não há reconhecimento da energia fornecida e não tendo uma organização, você tem que estar disponível o dia todo para trabalhar.Existem outras pousadas que também aceitam voluntários, se estão à procura de uma boa experiência COCOKNOTS NÃO É O LUGAR

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Angela respondido

Elizabeth couldn't follow our house rules. She had frequent screaming fits and would yell inside the pousada when things weren't going the way she wanted. Once it happened again after I already showed her the red card, I asked her to leave. But Elizabeth seemed so comfortable in my pousada that she and her boyfriend continued to occupy our private room for free and without any permission. Probably because we generously had given a free private double room to her and her boyfriend, free catering, free laundry for her clothes, free cleaning service for her room, extra free time for a kite instructor course. And within her official working hours she had even time to take care about private interests like studying for the kite course theory.

After 3 days I had enough and asked the police to take them out. And as a result of their anger, they stole our pousadas business instagram (they had access to it because they were supposed to work with our instagram) and reposted harmful content that we could only delete because of the help of our guests and other pousada owners.
They were not able to find another volunteer job because nobody wanted to work with them afterwards.
This was a traumatic experience for me and my entire team. We are more careful now who we will invite in our beautiful pousada.



Intriguing little spot. Cute little town. Kite surf heaven. If you are not into that there's nothing else realy to do there. Very seasonal.

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