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We are small, friendly place and we love to give you the unique opportunity to see and learn about our city trough the eyes of locals. "Work" is not much and we will make sure to show you the best Belgrade have to offer.

We have the main goal to provide to people the best time possible. We are easy going, laid back, love to chat and exchange experiences and stories.


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My experience in Habitat hostel has been different, but not in a positive way. You have to consider that there are people living there that unfortunately sometimes are not that cleaned. It seems like they think we are there because we don't have any other places where to go, there's always a good way to say things and I have to say that they don't ask in a polite way, they obligate us to do things, in my opinion there is a lack of communication. I don't recommend this place, mostly to girls that are going there alone. Me and my friend had a good time there but it has been only in the last days

hace 7 días

Igor respondido

Dear Giulia, dialogue requires two people. You could say anything you didn't like. If we talk about communication, this is definitely an example of a lack of communication on your part. No one is forcing anyone to volunteer, so we really don't think you have anywhere to go. I'm sorry that you didn't express your opinion right away and that you didn't leave right away if you didn't like it. As for the obligation, you have received an explanation for your tasks, when we see that you do not perform them, the only thing left for us is to oblige, because otherwise we do not need you as a volunteer. Volunteering is an exchange of goods. Everything was explained to you before you even arrived - how much you do, what you do, etc. Therefore, we offer accommodation with the obligation to fulfill certain tasks. If the tasks are not fulfilled, we are here to remind them to do so. If they are still not fulfilled - our cooperation ends. We apologize if you felt disrespected because that is the least we want. But that's exactly how we feel - disrespected considering that you're only now telling us all this.



The best thing about the hostel is the location. I have to say that our first 2 weeks there were really hard.
It’s written in the host description that you will clean for 1.5 to 2 hours per shift and actually you clean for 5 hours. Also, the men that live there are a big problem. One of them took many pictures of us (girls) and even touched one of us without any permission and nothing was done about it.
Also, the host behavior with the volunteers can be really rude and sometimes humiliating.
If you just need a bed to sleep and not a real volunteer exchange experience, it might be for you.

hace 7 días

Igor respondido

Dear Amanda, when you contacted us, we sent you the working conditions where they were explained as they are, to which you agreed. Besides, we didn't ask you for anything. You had the exact number of hours you agreed to. We have never asked you to do anything beyond what was agreed upon. You volunteered to change shifts with other volunteers because cleaning is not really your thing. We didn't complain about it because you made an arrangement with another volunteer. As for the other guests who made you feel threatened, you know they have been warned. As for your criticism for the way of communication, we can accept that. We do not all communicate in the same way, we do not all understand each other in the same way. And as for the advice for you - everything you wrote now should be said to your face, not when you leave. Whether it's work or volunteering, conversation is important.



Linda experiencia! Si conectas con las vibras del hostel y de la gente local que suele estar en el alojamiento, vas a pasar una linda y nueva experiencia. Probablemente compartas habitación con huespedes lo cual puede ser molesto y con lo cual yo tuve una muy mala experiencia en ese aspecto. Ubicación óptima, cerca de la estación de buses y del centro.

hace 25 días



It was really nice be there! Igor and Sandra was really nice and they respect the hour time!

The hostel is in the city center, you can go walking everywhere! It’s close to the bus station, market, parks, everything you need it!

The work it’s pretty simple, you just have to do a good work and remember to keep everything clean! The morning shift it’s the busiest one and you normally only was two of this per week! They never asked me anything what we agreed before, really nice!

I felt home there, Dante it’s so funny and I had a good time with the other volunteers, the team and the guests!

hace 29 días



This was my first volunteering and I cannot complain about it. The hostel is cozy, you spend good time with the hosts (Sandra and Igor) discussing about many topics (my favorite ones: music and movies haha) and of course you will have the chance to meet nice people from different parts of the world.
I had to work in the afternoons and the schedule could be fixed according to it. The hosts also helped me out when I got sick which I would never forget.
Thanks for this experience! I will treasure all the memories here!

hace 2 meses

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