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Worldpackers will have the opportunity to learn how to run a hostel and gain experience for the future, all while enjoying the social atmosphere and meeting travelers from all over the world. Staff will be able to engage in art projects, run day tours or night crawls in the city, all according to their skills and personality. As a receptionist you will get to learn how to work with programs and booking channels related to the hostel industry- a huge plus for working in hostels and tourism anytime and anywhere in the world.

Hello there! We are a new, small and cozy hostel located in the heart of Haifa. Made by backpackers- for backpackers, our aim is to create the perfect spot for travelers along the Mediterranean coast. We renovated and designed by ourselves from scratch, providing a platform from local artists to show their work. We are constantly on the lookout for creative, kind and motivated hearts to help us grow. We see our guests and staff as family. Come sit in our living room lobby, cuddle our dog Busby, hang out with travelers from around the world, a place that feels like a home away from home.


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O Dono do hostel não se mostrou nem um pouco profissional com uma situação que aconteceu com a minha companheira de viagem, infelizmente fui embora e tive que me virar pela atitude dele.

hace casi 2 años

Haifa respondido

First of all, please dont write in your profile that you speak english , and then show up, not being able to communicate, acting strange, stay for free and disappear the day after without saying a thing. and apparently you did that in other hostels so i have no idea what are you talking about.



Although my stay was super short at this hostel, I would personally not apply for it again nor will it stop me from traveling. There was some miscommunication between both parties which led to this being a bad experience because why have multiple different applications for different task only to say another and false accusations. But enough with the bad. The hostel is in a great location 5min walk from train station, walking distance from some shops and about 15min walk from the Haifa gardens. The guest are cool. There is just one really bad thing toilets next to the kitchen not hygienic.

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Haifa respondido

Sorry we made the mistake of letting you in. you need some serious help, and shouting jesus name and preaching wont help you. Please fix yourself before you go around preaching and scaring people.



I have really enjoyed my time volunteering in Haifa Hostel. Meeting people from other countries and getting to know and work along some great people I now call friends. The location was really terrific! Thanks for the great experience, I would definitely recommend!

hace más de 2 años

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