Hamakua Guesthouse and Camping Cabanas

It is a small family business and we take pride in offering accommodations that are both exceptional and reasonably priced. Everyone should be able to come visit this astonishing island. Hosting Worldpackers participants provides yet another avenue for people to experience Hawaii, regardless of their income bracket. Our guests come from every corner of the world and our place is frequented the most by European visitors, who are looking for a more genuine, less touristic experience.

I find it disheartening that in many hotels, social interaction among guests is not supported and is often discouraged. It is important that social interaction among people remains a fundamental component of travelling to a new place, so we enthusiastically encourage it here.

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This work exchange was an amazing experience. You learn, you grow and you live in the nature everyday. Everything about volunteering here was perfect, the staff became friends, the hostel was a great place to hang out in, it really felt like home. Thank you!

Alberto Uranga - @vidamalista

hace 12 días

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My experience at the hamakua house was so much fun! Everyone was so welcoming and I got to learn so much about the island! I’m going to miss this place a lot! Mahalo❤️

hace 5 meses

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The experience at Hamakua House was very good - quite similar to what the worldpackers posting indicates. The other volunteers I worked alongside were nice, supportive, and easy to work with. The manager, Dani, was the same! The House is not walking distance from attractions and shopping, etc - so for those things, volunteers would use Uber or catch a ride if they didn’t have a car. And they just walked or borrowed a bike from the House for things that are closer, like spending time enjoying nearby nature. I definitely recommend this work exchange - don’t miss out on the chance!

hace 8 meses



Omg absolutely love this place! They are really the best hosts ever❤️ Jane, Steve, Laura, Stacy and Ji made my stay so memorable. The chores are easy and you get all day to explore! You get a bunk bed in a cabana which is super comfy. People here care about you and you feel safe. Highly recommend volunteering here!

hace 1 año

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