Hamakua Guesthouse and Camping Cabanas

It is a small family business and we take pride in offering accommodations that are both exceptional and reasonably priced. Everyone should be able to come visit this astonishing island. Hosting Worldpackers participants provides yet another avenue for people to experience Hawaii, regardless of their income bracket.

Our guests come from every corner of the world and our place is frequented the most by European visitors, who are looking for a more genuine, less touristic experience.

I find it disheartening that in many hotels, social interaction among guests is not supported and is often discouraged. It is important that social interaction among people remains a fundamental component of travelling to a new place, so we enthusiastically encourage it here.

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I can't recommend this experience enough. Managing the Guesthouse was truly the best experience of my life thus far. The house/property is so beautiful and as soon as I arrived I felt welcomed and at home. Initially there is a lot of information to take in for the work, but I never felt overwhelmed. If at any point I had any questions/concerns, Mat was always there to help me out. He is one of the most knowledgable people I've ever met and I knew I could always count on him. The work/atmosphere at the house taught me so many skills and lessons that I will keep with me forever.

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I cannot imagine a better place for me to have done in my first Worldpackers than the Hamakua Guesthouse. Matt and the managers, Ash and Clarke, were always super friendly and accommodating. The work is easy and can be done before noon most days which gives you the rest of the day to explore the whole island. I was here for 5 weeks which gave me enough time to see EVERYTHING. The other volunteers are super fun and i’ve made friends that will last a lifetime. I hope to be back soon ❤️

hace 17 días

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My stay at the guesthouse was my first world packers and the most incredible experience of my life. I was lucky enough to get to explore almost all of the island and check off my entire bucket list. The staff is welcoming and amazing and Matt, Ash, and Clarke are the best team you could ask for. The work is completely fair and i truly can’t say enough about how much i loved this experience. ABSOLUTELY would recommend to anyone looking to meet new people and make memories that last a lifetime! ♥️

hace 18 días

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Staying at the guesthouse was both a fun and interesting experience. The property is beautiful and you meet so many amazing people! The work itself is fair but could be busy at times. Just be aware that your days off depend on your work load. Unfortunately towards the end of my stay, I felt there was a lot of favoritism shown by management, and that some matters were handled very unprofessionally. Nonetheless I am grateful for the experience and wish it could have ended on a happier note.

hace 1 mes

Mathew respondido

We always strive to be fair. The person who got an opportunity to extend their stay had both seniority in time/experience here and had asked to be offered any last minute openings long before you even arrived here. To assume favoritism is simply a mistake on your part. To accuse your supervisor of being unprofessional over not allowing you to jump the line is both sad and inappropriate. I hope this will serve as a warning to your future hosts/applications.



I am so incredibly grateful for this experience! This was my first time with Worldpackers and I was super nervous before my arrival.
I stayed for 6 weeks and after some time it truly felt like home! Ash and Jane, the Managers were literal angels and treated us so good!! The workload was easy and the property is soo beautiful.
To anyone who‘s thinking about coming to Hawaii, don’t hesitate to chose the Hamakua Guesthouse, you won‘t regret it + you are gonna meet THE most amazing people ever and make friends for life <3

hace 2 meses

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