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Beautiful! I learned a lot! Food is delicious ! Pinan Tea, Pinan Jim, are a super special people willing to share their knowledge, patient and hospitable. I loved the experience! Thank you !
Hermoso! Aprendí mucho! La comida es deliciosa ! Pinan Tea, Pinan Jim , son unas personas súper e especiales dispuestas a compartir sus conocimientos , pacientes y hospitalarios. Me encantó la experiencia! Gracias !

6 meses atrás

Puerto Rico

Happy Healing Home was a phenomenal experience I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone looking for some self reflection and spiritual healing. The hosts were amazing, the land breathtaking and the energy and vibes overwhelmingly liberating. Loved it!

9 meses atrás


I had a very good stay at happy healing home! I was there for only a week but still felt like i've learned more than all the weeks before together. I discovered that it really doesn't need much to be happy. The food is awesome and the whole atmosphere as well :) I hope to return sometime!

1 año atrás