Happy Hippie Lane Maine

We live on an ISLAND! We are in the midcoast of Maine with lots of opportunity for exploring the coast, visiting lakes, mountains, seas...exploring by foot, bike, kayak, car.... We have an eclectic vibe, love to meet new people and share stories and make new ones. This is NOT a hostel and just want you to know I have some guidelines about interacting with guests. It is their experience and we can intercept but when appropriate and to maximize their peace and serenity. Coming out of COVID is great, but there is still a careful flow to maintain. Some worktraders just can't respect this. Thanks for understanding in advance. :)

We are focused on effective and respectful communication....students of NVC and learning to be good listeners! Constructive criticism is always sandwiched between to authentic expressions of gratitude. We focus on the positive and love collaborating around all sorts of projects inside and out.

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