Have an amazing experience in France with an English family

We have been hosts with other sites for over 10 years and our happy to say we have great reviews. We have a wide range of things for you to do and see with lots of interesting projects. From restoring a 400 year old house. Building a gypsy caravan from recycled materials to milking our goats, feeding pigs and growing our own food. We also have lots of local history and wonderful country side around us.

We are an English family living in France. Both in our mid 50's we also have our two teenage son living with us. We will treat you as part of our family and hope to give you not just a working experience but a great time whilst staying with us. During July and August I am looking for help to rebuild a slate roof on a barn. This will involve scaffolding and building frames which will be great skills we can teach to anyone willing. I have also sewn A LOT of seeds so will need help with weeding, strimming, watering and managing all the crops and flowers that will be ready then. Again knowledge is not required as we can explain all tasks. Work hours are 9-1 mon to sat giving you afternoons to explore the beautiful local countryside including lake. In return we have a caravan you can stay in so you have your own room. We provide 3 meals a day we enjoy together and a family atmosphere.


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I like this family very much. They are very nice people, they treat me like family and teach me a lot.

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It´s a beautiful small farm in the French campagne where you can enjoy a perfect weather and have a lot of fun in a delightful landscape. About the couple: John is a kind and gentle man who will teach you a lot of things about everything. He is really wit. Karen is a wonderful woman who can make you feel part of the family in a second. She will understand you, help you with all your doubts, problems and she´lll watch over you for everything. The food is amazing. They have animals there, so you have a nice job to care of them, its great. I strongly recommend Le Chataigner for any Worldpacker.

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