Have an amazing experience in France with an English family

We have been hosts with other sites for over 10 years and our happy to say we have great reviews. We have a wide range of things for you to do and see with lots of interesting projects. From restoring a 400 year old house. Building a gypsy caravan from recycled materials. To large scale gardening. We also have lots of local history and wonderful country side around us.

We are an English family living in France Karen and John with our 21yr old sons. We moved here 16 years ago and are rebuilding a 400 year old house and farm. Helpers stay in on of our cottages which is totally self contained. This allows for any covid restrictions. We hope helper will get involved with the family and get involved in what we are doing and the on going project


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I had plenty of interesting work to do and feel that my skills were well utilized.

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My husband and I enjoyed our first Worldpackers experience at Le Chataignier-Chestnut Tree Farm. We stayed in the sweet Owl Cottage, enjoyed meals cooked from scratch, meal conversations, and the geese and chickens/rooster on the farm. Le Chataigner is located in the countryside surrounded by wheat fields and fields of sunflowers. Our host brought us to local areas of interest including the open market in Evron, lakeside recreation at Gue De Selle, the Bastille Day celebration in Mayenne, the Roman ruins in Jublians, the Nuit de Chimeres (light show) in Le Mans, and to Saint-Suzanne.

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If you want to unplug from the world, this is the place to start. there's 5 hikes to do and great landscapes. Closest market it's 35 mins bike ride (not public trans) but you can coordinate with Karen to go in the car. I enjoyed my experience. It's not an hotel, it's a family farm, so keep it in mind. I had your own bedroom, almost a little house for yourself. There's a lot of things you can help with so you'll fit into any task.
It's 6 days of work but you can talk to Karen to see how you can manage it. I think if you have proper communication from the beginning you'll be fine. MD me any ?

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It was an unpleasant experience, to begin the photos have nothing related with the property that really is, the property is a disaster and the kitchen is a real pigsty, the jobs are arduous and without any security measures, we worked 30 hours a week instead of 25, in the same way we only had one day off instead of two, as the app says. The property is far from everything, the closest civilization is 10km away and there is no type of transportation, which is not mentioned in the description, Karen who is in charge, is a problematic and conflictive person, NOT RECOMMENDED!!

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AMAZING! Thanks to Karen and her family that treat us like family. The meals are well respected and the area for helpers is great, the best that I ever had in wp. I miss Karen's food :-(
There are a lot of hikking paths near by, a lake where you can swim and a lovely dog to go with you S2. Stores are in Evron (30-40min on bike).
If you want to connect with the family and their cause, this is just ideal for u, even w/ no experience because there is always something 4u. Gonna miss Le Chataigner a lot. Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity, gonna take it forever in my heart

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