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While you are here, try and find the time for; Yoga, meditation, recreation, alternative healing, nature farming, forest walks, lake swims and more… While using this opportunity to find awareness in every act of creation and being

Priyanka & Adnan (Adi) oversee and steer the farm towards its goal of being a spiritually oriented permaculture farm while facilitating your stay so as to help you achieve, what would be, your desire. They live nearby in their family home and are involved in many local activities aimed towards social growth, conservation and development and so they are always involved in something or the other in or off the farm. The staff (keepers of the farm) live in the nearby village and is largely Hindi speaking. The farm, being a sharing space, allows everybody the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves and others while offering gifts of love and compassion. For the duration of the stay at the farm you will be offered meals and lodging while being given the opportunity to support the farm as it supports you. We have not set a price tag to your experience, someone else has already offered a gift of love for you You can choose to donate/contribute as per your abilities, no questions asked. For more information follow the link below. http://heal.farm/


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Heal Farm was an amazing place for my firsts weeks in India. You can feel it’s peace in every single corner. An amazing staff and a good planification made my stay very confortable. Unique environment to learn from yourself and others, slowing down and being awareness of every little action. Definetely I’ll miss the staff, the dogs; Layla and Baghira and the vibrations of Heal Farm. I just can say thanks to Adi a Priyanka for such a gift. See you soon!




I can say about this place, its host, its staff, the whole area of the farm and all the surrounding environment, make this place something magnificent, full of charm, nature, continuous learning, sharing knowledge and culture different. A spectacular host. I was amazed. I LOVE


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Thank you G,
You have been amazing 🤗

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