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We are building a dream here. Every year it gets better and better. We are co-creating a new lifestyle rich life experience. We are slowly becoming an amazing Retreat destination. Depending on the role you choose we will teach you various things, but everyone will learn the basics of how to grow food, and we will all enjoy it together.

What's happening in 2021?

The concept of Heartland is to explore living life 2.0 to creating true sustainability.

We are running a "Glamping Retreat" while we are also in the build phase of our bigger vision.

We are about to begin a big new project that will take 3-6 months to complete depending on how many people we can find to help. We want your help!

The more people we have the more focused various roles can be. There are many roles to fill. We need to do the work and we want to capture the story and share it with the world...

Hospitality work to support the Glamping Retreat, moving and rebuilding a big shop, and preparing a healing center.

While all this is happening we were hit with COVID, so plans have changed a bit, but we are still moving forward.

Please only come IF you are either vaccinated OR if you feel 100% healthy. If during your time at Heartland you get any cold/flu symptoms we request that you wear a mask indoor until the symptoms have cleared to protect the community from any type of cold or virus.

In addition to the required work hours we have short daily "check-in" meetings and one longer weekly "Fika" meeting (people's favorite) to go over all the happenings at Heartland and to connect with eachother. We also have one weekly group cleaning task called "Zim-Zam" where we make sure our shared kitchen, and shared community areas are clean and tidy for us to enjoy.

Please review the arrival document and all our other agreements linked here. If you need us to pick you up from public transport, we request you arrive on Monday or Tuesday. If you have your own vehicle or if you want to pay for a ride from the airport you can arrive Wednesday or Thursday. We DO NOT accept volunteer arrivals Fri-Sunday.

REVIEW OUR HEALTH PROGRAM (COVID-19) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DClI543rNEA7nn0POqet8UcyzmDmzbRLzwY7ROu5ZTk/edit?usp=sharing

We are very positive and supportive to help everyone that comes here to grow as a person. The people who are attracted here are VERY amazing people. We truly love life. You will be treated with respect, love, and kindness. You will also be encouraged to grow into the person you were born to be. REVIEW OUR HEALTH PROGRAM (COVID-19) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DClI543rNEA7nn0POqet8UcyzmDmzbRLzwY7ROu5ZTk/edit?usp=sharing

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Heartland was my first Worldpackers trip and I didn't really knew how it was going to be or how this really works. I made friendships&memories that I will always remember and made me grow a lot as a person! Can't lie tho the place and what i was expecting about the activities was not exactly what I got from the pictures and the instagram they provide us with an idea of what it will be like.It was a learning experience for sure and I am grateful for the time I was there but as I said, different than expected and there were no events or much to do happening

hace 1 mes

Anders respondido

Thanks Luana! We so appreciate your support and for choosing Heartland. I know we are far off grid and sometimes we don't have events scheduled. Big events are alot of work and usually they are held by people who rent our venue. Heartland's big event is at the end of April. We don't always have events booked here, and I am sorry you had that expectation. That's why we create the opportunity to co-create our own events through our "Gifting Circle" at our weekly meetings. Anyone is encouraged to offer events for the people that are here. I look forward to your private feedback so we can make improvements through your experience and help meet everyone's future expectations.

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Heartland evoked true emotion out of me in more ways than I can count; the nature and the community around me allowed me to understand myself and understand what I need in this life. I met people who I will love and remember for the rest of my life, and being a part of this project most likely changed my life’s trajectory for the better. So thankful for all of it.

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Heartland was so welcoming to me and Emma! We felt very comfortable being ourselves and enjoyed ever second of the month we were here. Anders and the rest of the team are so interesting, creative, and intelligent, it was a truly refreshing experience from the normal day to day life that I am use to. There is a beautiful lake right next to the property that is very refreshing after a day of work. My biggest take a way from heartland was how connected I feel to everyone that I met during my stay! I could be more grateful for the experience. Thank you Heartland! <3

hace 2 meses

Anders respondido

Was EPIC having you two :) such great people!

To be clear, it says above that you "could be more grateful for the experience" however, you wrote me personally and apologized for the typo which you said should have said "I could not be more grateful for the experience"

Just want to clarify this, and we look forward to the request for world packers to change your review & delete this comment. THX!



My experience in Heartland changed me, and for the best. It changed my perspective about my life's purpose , it was a trip full of peace, all about being in the present, and today I am very happy to look back and see everything that this place taught me.

The weather was a challenge but being surrounded by so many loving people, made everything so easy and fun. Now I can say that I found a little family in California that I would love to return to in the future. Take advantage of every second, time goes by very quickly because that place is amazing.

hace 2 meses

Anders respondido

Yay! We had such an amazing time with you!



Fue una experiencia transformadora, el lugar es increible, me dio la posibilidad de conocerme aun mas a mi misma, conectar con la naturaleza fue hermoso, escuchar los pajaritos cantar todo el dia una de mis partes favoritas, el lago para ir a refrescarte, buena compañía siempre, las comidas deliciosas, dormir cómodamente, es un espacio de mucho amor, lo recomiendo 100%, anders un anfitrión atento, shama te recibe de manera calida, y Joel es muy buena onda siempre con disposición para lo que necesites, infinitamente agradecida por todos y todo 🙏🏻🧡 mi corazon esta llenito🌼

hace 3 meses

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