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We are building a dream here. Every year it gets better and better. We are co-creating a new lifestyle rich life experience. We will teach people that have never built anything how to do it as a group. We will teach you how to grow food, and we will all enjoy it together. What's happening in 2020? The concept of Heartland is to explore living life 2.0 to creating true sustainability. We are in the build phase now. We are about to begin a big new project that will take 3-6 months to complete depending on how many people we can find to help. We want your help! The more people we have the more focused various roles can be. There are many roles to fill. We need to do the work and we want to capture the story and share it with the world... The work includes building the food garden, moving and rebuilding a shop, and preparing a healing center. While all this is happening we were hit with COVID, so plans have changed a bit, but we are still moving forward. Please see our required self-quarantine program here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DClI543rNEA7nn0POqet8UcyzmDmzbRLzwY7ROu5ZTk/edit?usp=sharing In addition to the required work hours we have short daily "check-in" meetings and one longer weekly "Fika" meeting (people's favorite) to go over all the happenings at Heartland and to connect with eachother. We also have one weekly group cleaning task called "Zim-Zam" where we make sure our shared kitchen, and shared community areas are clean and tidy for us to enjoy.

We are very positive and supportive to help everyone that comes here to grow as a person. The people who are attracted here are VERY amazing people. We truly love life. You will be treated with respect, love, and kindness. You will also be encouraged to grow into the person you were born to be.

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In the midst of the chaos I found the best place, I learned to work with tools that I never used, I helped build things that I never did, I had fun, I met people, I made friends. The place is magical, beautiful, clean, safe and has an incredible energy. Not anyone who doesn't feel the same. I am very grateful to Anders for the opportunity, empathy and for teaching me so much, every day. I love this place ! 🌱♥️


Estados Unidos


Set in a wide expanse of land next to a lake you get to experience being part of nature. Theres a nice sense of community here, and a clear structured work environment. A space is held for personal growth and transformation which helps create a warm social container. You get a chance to see how a permacultural, semi-off the grid , sustainable land project can function effectively.




heartland gives you a place where you can be in your optimal state for creativity and focus, on figuring out your life objectives, In a place like this, with healthy food, clean air, beautiful scenery, positive practices like yoga, meditation, static dance and productive people you can learn from helping each other.Anders and shama have created something that humanity has been craving for generations. A place were people from completely different backgrounds, religious beliefs, and talents can not only coexist but work together towards a common goal. Creating a new standard of living.


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There’s no place like Heartland. My experience was beyond my expectations, the place is incredible and the people too, connecting with all of this people from all across the world made me feel loved and supported. The place has this vibe that can heal and make you grow as a person, highly recommend everyone to experience it at least once in their lives.




Heartland is not just a volunteer is a place where if you have the opportunity to go u'll never regret it.My experience has been very short and in low season, but either way I fell in love with the place. Imagine what it might be like in summer! Honestly the proposition behind Heartland is gorges and it's growing everyday. So being able to be part of the project whatever work I did , for me already fills me with satisfaction and gratitude. It's a place to learn, share and live in community,but also a place to learn to know and listen to yourself. Don't miss the change, you'll feel like home :)


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You are such a bright star! Thanks for shining so brightly with us :)

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