Experience small farm life with easy access to Santa Cruz beaches, forests, and culture. People love to come here to surf in the afternoon, hike on the weekends, and generally relax in the sunshine. Mornings are busy tending to the animals and land.

Busy mom running a homestead focused on cultivating a diversity of food while educating and creating an ecotourism destination with an emphasis on permaculture, regenerative practices, and nature connection. Visitors are treated warmly but given space to explore, try new things, and exchange ideas. We generally only host 1 or 2 people at a time and share a game / dinner night once a week. Must enjoy working outdoors and know the tasks are mostly always physical, and sometimes dirty.


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My experience at Hedgerow was fantastic! I learned a lot of skills during my stay, once Jennifer presented the project to me that she had in mind for the farm, I just completely loved it, she puts so much effort on it and she's so organized that makes you feel part of the project! She also explains all the tasks that need to be done before one does them so that you completely know what to do. Also, Jeniffer provided me with all the things that I asked her, she is very caring and sweet and wants you to feel as comfortable as possible during your stay! I'm sure I will come back in the future! (:

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