Help develop a performance art program on the coast of Maine, USA

Music, nature and more on the coast of Maine. Lovely vistas of the mountains of Acadia National Park. We welcome cross cultural connections and diversity, people who simply want to get away, people who might want to help in general project development of an arts program in an old Maine barn, people who might want to explore their creative ideas.

Some landscaping, organizing, and the general upkeep of 7 old Maine farm buildings.

I am a little over 70 years old but still have good energy and mobility. This is a labor of love for me, we lose money as of right now, but we have made it through the pandemic doing 30 or more performances a season. Worldpacker assistants have access to a shared kitchen, shower, laundry, Wifi, parking etc.. Meals are not included, however, some meals can be shared. In return, I would ask you for an agreeable, set number of hours a week of your help. I try to tap into peoples strengths and interests at the same time things stack up and need to be done in a timely way. I come from New York City area but have been living e here for over 40 years. I have traveled more than 30 times to many different places in Japan and about an equal amount of times to the fantastic Russian city, St Petersburg. I welcome people from other countries, cultures, and interests apart from my own. My profession for over 40 years was as a Music Therapist.


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My time at Surry Arts at the barn was amazing!
Alan is a great host e a great person, he is kind and not only complied with everything that was agreed, but also helped me in every way that he could, he took time to show me his place and explain everything that we need to know before and after we arrived. We had meals together and he introduced me to his local friends and the cool places around, he also gave many rides to me.
The place is beautiful, is really peaceful and quiet, there's many trails really close to his property and you can feel the nature even when you are working.

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