Help needed in a wine, olive and fruit farm in Sicily

This is our instagram profile Instragram: We have a farm on the Sicilian hills, with a sight from the sea. We have fruit trees, a vineyard, olive trees and vegetable garden. The farm is not a commercial farm and we use all the products for family to consume. We also have an apartment on the seaside, 12km away from the farm, that we are improving in order to receive volunteers and friends to stay more comfortable with us. When it is winter time (from November to March), we stay at the appartment and almost all the tasks we do there, since that during the winter we cant do much at the farm. A long the other months (from April to Octuber), we stay at the farm in tents, to stay closer to the farm and to do the tasks there. You will enjoy nature at its best and you will help in a relaxing way. In your time off, you can visit the historic center or go to trekking in the mountain behind the village, you can walk long the beach and, if the weather is good, swimming in the beautiful sea of Sicily. We are also 15km away from Taormina that it is easy to reach by train or bus.

We will take everything very easy, helping few hours, take a walk to see around the land, relax on the hammock, work a bit more, cooking the food (we are going to cook all the food in open fire that we will make ourselves). To have a full experience of the farm and all the projects we ask a minimum stay of 3 weeks. If you have specific skills in carpentery, work with wood or other kind of cobstruction pleace say in your request we can find a time suitable for both.


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Super lovely setting in the hills of Sicily, about an hours walk from the beach town where you can charge phones and buy food and swim obviously. This town is super local and there aren't many tourists so you get a feel for the traditional way of living. The work was good and you don't have long hours, only thing was the heat (obviously, it'll be hot in Sicily in August) while camping. Other than that it was a super fun way to meet new people and immerse yourself in nature and the hosts are accommodating.

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very good and fantastic

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The farm is located in a big hill next to the sea, so the view is amazing. Also Filippo was very considerate and always asked if we needed anything. We could see that they planted vegetables and volunteers can eat it, but we arrive almost at winter when season was finishing, so we couldn't take advantage of that. In summary is a good place, but you must be aware before you arrive that there is not a proper toilet, shower or kitchen (just a kind of ecological ones), so if you are ok with that and you carry your own camping staffs (sleeping bags and cookware) you wil enjoy the experience more

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Danilo respondido

I met Leslie and Camila just for very shot time when they arrived, But i was in contact with them when i was away.
They gave a big support to the project even if it was the end of the season for camping.
They were very responsible and kept the camp very organized and finish some of the projects that the other volunteers started.
They did a great job with the roof of the shelter that we are using now, all the volunteers here at moment give a big thanks to them :).



I went in December, I had to sleep on a tent and cook in a campfire and the clima was not the best at night. It was too windy and rainy and one day even hailng . I recommend u to not go in winter if you are not used to sleep in tents. If you want a hard experience it's perfect for you.
Anyway in summer must be perfect, like a camping in the middle of the nature.

Overall thanks to Filippo, I hope to enjoy more the experience in summer.

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We slept in tents (there isn't a house but we think they sleep in a house in winter). The idea was nice but for us the problem was the material for working, which wasn't good and made our work more difficult and longer. The organization wasn't so good. The town is walking 50mins you can go by autostop.
We really had fun because we were an amazing group and the place was also very relaxing. It was adventurous.
If you have any specific doubt, ask him because otherwise they will not tell you about the conditions (if more volunteers with you, mattress or if you will have to sleep on the floor..

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