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Small and cozy hostel, echletic work, close to the beach, all year round activities. You can easily reach the beach, but also the hills around, and the city too. It's up to you to choose what kind of travel and experiences you're looking for.

The hostel has only one volunteer position, so the applicant will manage a hostel for himself and must be available to all kind of work: reception; preparing the beds, cleaning, bricolage and gardening.


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Como sempre, uma experiência incrível!!! Obrigado a todos da equipe!

10 meses atrás


It's a good first experience. Luis and Eunice are a lovely and welcoming couple. The hostel is a cozy house, although it lacks some of the hostel's characteristic features (such as common room, TV and other ways of entertainment); still, it's nice and quiet, not so far of the beach and also has a pretty good reminiscence of home.
Would recommend, specially as a first-time experience.

11 meses atrás


It was my first Worldpackers experience and it was ok. I made great friends with other volunteers and guests. The hostel is a bit far from the beach and the train station, and it doesn't have a hostel vibe, more like a B&B without breakfast. The manager was a bit difficult to reach but not impossible, and tried to help us when needed. No communication al all with the owners even though they stayed at the same place. I wouldn't recommend it but I'm still grateful of the opportunity.

12 meses atrás


My experience was great, the work is fair, the people are very good and it makes you feel like a family !! I will be back!!!

12 meses atrás

Nueva Zelandia

Would definitely recommend at least beginners of Portuguese if you come! Carcavelos is a beautiful place with a great location! I made heaps of friends while I was here. There are actually two hostels and the host was kind enough to let me work at both :)

1 año atrás

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando


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