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Norway's biggest hostel located a few stops from the city centrum, on the top of the hill of Sinsen, you will immediately notice the private surroundings and a secure and safe environment. The benefits of having the hostel at some distance from the city are many for our guests, especially since we are surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see. You will also discover all the different hiking and swimming opportunities nearby. For city adventure - Oslo has a lot to offer, especially free activities in the summertime. Experience the summer islands, Hovedøya, Langøyene and Gressholmen with a short ferry trip from centrum. What about taking a walk and exposing your mind to beautiful street arts in different parts of the town? Picnic at Vigelandsparken, one of the world’s most famous sculpture parks? In other words, the “what to do” is many in Oslo.

We have embarked on this volunteer program with joy and excitement. Together we will give an experience to people that they will never forget, while we ourselves expand our own horizons by getting in touch with others. You will be greeted and welcomed by our friendly staff who can hardly wait to spend the summer with the volunteers.


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This was my first volunteering experience, and it was above my expectations! Everyone in the hostel is very welcoming and ready to help you. When you arrive, the previous volunteers explain to you everything you need to know to manage the activities. Thanks to this experience, every day you can meet many people from all around the world, discover the city, its museums and the nature which is so close! You can express your creativity, proposing activities for the guests and creating content for the Instagram account of the hostel. If you are new to this platform, come to HI Oslo Haraldsheim!

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This Hostel is absolutely perfect for a first experience in social volunteering, they open the program this summer and the guest of the Hostel are always glad to participate in games, hiking or Museum visits.
All the reception team really take care of me and give me good advises, and offer their time and friendship.
The place is beautiful and I was surrounded by forest and close to important parks and atractions in Oslo.
I use to cook the lunch or dinner in the kitchen of the hostel and we share magical moments.
I enjoy a lot this experience and recommend to everyone.

hace 8 meses

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