High street guest house

This guest house is newly renovated , and it is located in the middle of Hongdea in Seoul , It only takes 6 min walking distance from the train station , can meet lots of travelers and also can enjoy this distinction .

I try to respect volunteers as much as i can . Also , if i ask more than mormal takes , I'm willing to pay overpay as well. Our hostel is brandnew , newly renovated currently , and every things are very energetic , and owner is willing to take care of the working , also staffs as well.


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I really have a great time at highstreet, I have the chance to meet amazing people while I was living there, they make me feel like a big family. HongDae is an amazing place to stay, has everything you need and it is very convenient, you can get any where in Seoul un just minutes. Kylie respects the agreements that she offers, and once you get to know how to do the job, time flies while you are working 🤗 and having 3 days free was so cool

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This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to experience one of the best neighborhoods in Seoul. You work 4 hours a day, four days a week. Your job is to ensure the rooms and apartments are ready for the next guests. You’ll also do some laundry, check guests in and keep the building in good shape. You get to live in a nice apartment, exclusive for the volunteers, and it’s only a 3-minute walk from the guesthouse. I’m so grateful that Kylie and Josie have accepted me even though it was a very last-minute request & I would love to help again whenever I’m back in Korea.

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It is the first time I am alone, far away from my country and my family. Here I feel so comfortable and really part of the team, that I don't feel so far from home, that's why I extend my stay by 1 month. The whole team tries to help you from the first day, the homework is easy and if you have any doubt you can count on the team.

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It was a nice experience to have volunteered at Guest Street Hostal, I learned many things for my life, I also had the opportunity to learn a lot about Korean culture. Enjoy a lot of the pleasant spaces of Guest Street Hostal.
Thank so much !!

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