Hill of Balmaghie House

I have been welcoming volunteers into my home for over 8 years.
I have remained friends with them all.

Come and stay with me and experience this beautiful part of scotland.

If you are over 25 and have a drivers licence and can drive a manual car, you will be able to borrow my car on yourdays off

I am looking for help house and pet sitting particularly with my two lovely horses. I have recently moved into a newly renovated house in the most beautiful setting near my old home where my daughter Flora and her family are now living. I am widely travelled and returned to live here 10 years ago. I have dogs, a cat and horses. There is plenty of opportunity to ride horses, wonderful walks and bike rides.


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For us it was the first experience with Worldpackers.Getting there(it's a bit far from the main areas but you're immersed in nature) every day was a discovery and it's true Susie doesn't have a pre-established programme, every day at breakfast she explained to us what to do.We worked hard doing everything and much more from the requests received but with pleasure!Surely if you know the language well everything will be easier!the question is...what do you expect?What is your purpose?Each of us has our own, we will continue towards the best path but as a first experience in the end it went well!

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This was an amazing opportunity and would definitely go back! The family was incredibly inviting and made you feel at home the second you stepped through the door. I have made memories here that I will hold on to for the rest on my life.

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Where do I start…My first Worldpacker experience was a 10/10. Susie made my dreams come true. I‘ve met lovely locals, found new friends with which I exchanged storys and numbers and I was absolutely mesmerized by natur around where I stayed. My jobs where completly doable and not to much. I had a fantastic time learning about the Scotish culture. I was allowed to come to supper partys, traditionell events, and many many lovely rides with the horses. Susie encouraged me to grow beyond myself. Every journey we did turned out to be fantastic. I fell in love with the animals, people and Scotland!

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My stay at Susie’s was good overall. I learned a lot about myself and found peace while surrounded by nature and animals. Susie is a very good host even if the hours and schedules aren’t really organized but we found an agreement. The bedroom is so cozy and the neighbors are really welcoming and friendly.

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It was lovely having Clara and she was a great help generally particularly with my animals and grandson.

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Lady Ross is a very nice woman: her property and her animals are lovely. I met a local family who was incredibly friendly and welcoming.

One issue I did run into was the hours: do not expect to work five hours a day. I was working anywhere from 10-14 hours, most days of the week. Even most days off I was still working for a while with the horses. When I tried addressing this issue, it was made to be my fault. I was told if I looked bored I'd be given work to do, which happened even on days off.

I believe she is trying to improve, it just became too much and I left after four weeks.

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