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We are a Dutch couple (both 45 years old) and we opend our small holidayfarm in 2019.

Things that makes us happy: live in harmony with nature, fresh veggies from our own land, meeting new people and having a great time, learning new stuff, the seasons with all its charm, (farm) animals...So...Just enjoying the simple things in life!
This year it will be mainly construction, so if you like (to learn to) built, please come and help us!
Also we need help with the garden and greenhouse. So if you have 'green fingers' than you are in the right place!

Some projects that we have in store for you...

1) Helping with building constructions, all kinds of activities are covered: carpentry, creating a passage to the garden, making a garden fence, placing indoor walls, making bathroom, building kitchen, painting, installing new window frames ...
2) Making a nighthouse for future sheeps and chickens, also creating a meadow fence.
3) Wood split, making kindling...
4) Painting walls and door-window frames.
5) Assistance in the garden: mowing grass, cleaning the garden, working in the vegetable garden and greenhouse. and decorating the greenhouse and making paths.
6) Assist with making home and handmade products.
7) Cleaning guesthouses

When you contact us, pleas let us know what skills you have. We are very flexible, so we can work it out!

You can stay in a tent/holidayhouse or summerbarn, whatever is free or even better, you can bring your own tent and find a nice space on our land. When you driving a ven/camper, you can park in the garden. You can use our bathroom and kitchen. Every day you get breakfast, lunch and a evening meal. It will be nice if you can cook as well!

Travel expenses are for your own account. But we can pick you up and bring you back to the nearest airport (Budapest) trainstation (Lucenec 38km) or busstation (Velky Krtis 6km).

A must seen is the Castle of Modry Kamen. You can hike or we can bring you by car.
You can make great hiking trips, the blue hikingpath starts close by.
Visit Boedapest, 100 km from ur place. You can take the bus at the border of Hungary ( we can bring you )
From Velky Krtis you can take the bus to serveral city's (Zvolen, Banksa Bystrica etc)

What can we offer?

1) Challenging & inspiring working holiday. We are still learning, so we can learn from each other.
2) Making good memories, campfires, telling stories, having a glass of something and watching the many stars in the sky!
3) Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4) Space to be yourself and enough free time to explore beautiful Slovakia.

For more information, you can check out our fresh website:

In early spring 2016, we (Yvonne and Sabine van der Laan) fell in love with a rustic farmhouse in the south of beautiful Slovakia. A farm that in photos appeared very differently than in reality.... At the time we visited it was a bit of a shock, the farm had been neglected, those cute pine trees had become colossal giants and blocked any view. Yet we saw the potential this place had. We kicked off work and in 2019 we excitedly swung open the doors of our holiday farm Natural Slovakia. A place for our guests to unwind, adventuring, enjoying the peace and breathtaking nature. A powerful place to come home to, unknown but familiar. From the Dutch Bulb Region to the wide-open Slovak countryside In 1991, we, Sabine van der Laan-Vooren and Yvonne van der Laan from Lisse, first met in secondary school. As girls of 13, we soon became best friends. We are now a day older but the friendship was born there and has embedded itself in us. Even though Sabine flew out of the Bulb Region for a while to places in the Netherlands and abroad. And we lost sight of each other for several years but never from our hearts. In 2010, we found each other again and we said YES to sharing our lives together. We didn't know then that life would take us all the way to Slovakia.... Facts & Figures: Did you know? ꕥ That at first the farm was born under a different name? The name was: Holiday farm the Blue Stone, because this is the translation of Modrý Kamen, the village we live in. During a random night, Sabine saw another glimpse of light in her dreams, that of: Natural Slovakia! And the rest is history. ツ ꕥ Yvon worked as a taxi planner for about 20 years? And that Sabine went to college in her late twenties to re-educate towards pedagogical work & education? ꕥ We have renovated/renovated/created and furnished almost everything with our own hands? But that we also receive regular reinforcement from volunteers from all over the world and from John van der Laan, Yvon's father, who regularly comes to help with odd jobs. We would not have managed all this without all this heartwarming help. ꕥ Sabine is an herbal witch? And she likes working with the phases of the moon, the power of herbs, getting her hands into the earth, living with the seasons and celebrating the yearwheel festivals? ꕥ Our accommodations all bear a Slovak name and in English they are: Beautiful World, Morning Dew, Old Love and Koekoek. ꕥ Favours of Yvon: making special gift items ➳ hiking with the dogs & cats ➳ having breakfast with Greek yoghurt and strawberry jam ➳ passion for wood ➳ Harry Potter books & films ➳ dancing ➳ walking undiscovered paths ➳ likes to wear caps ➳ singing along loudly with music while doing chores ꕥ Favours of Sabine: photography ➳ writing visual & inspiring texts ➳ making pure care products and foods ➳ dark chocolate with herbal tea ➳ decorating and styling spaces ➳ floral art with meadow flowers and materials found from nature ➳ sweetest film ever: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain Why did you decide to start a holiday farm in Slovakia instead of the popular France or Spain? How did we end up here and why did we choose Slovakia? These are questions we regularly get from our guests upon arrival. Just look around you, is often our response. Our farm is tucked away in an enchanted valley, surrounded by nature, bordering on forest and stream. You can walk here for hours, right from the farm, without meeting a single human being. There is also, literally and figuratively, room to live and work in the rhythm of the seasons and where time appears to stand still. Slovakia is a country with a rich history and traditions, colourful folklore with clothes/music and dance and friendliness of the at first sight, somewhat grumpy people. From the start, we always wave to neighbours or basically everyone in our street. This turns out not to be very common, as we got a confused stoic look back at first, but with an even bigger smile, we never gave up waving. And now when we meet the post lady, she is the first to wave enthusiastically! So if you're on holiday with us, feel free to wave to everyone, they're used to it by now ツ


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This trip was one of my favourites of all the trips I have taken. Thank you Sabine and Yvon for welcoming my friend and I to your wonderful farm. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to have great conversations and laughter everyday.

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This is an amazing place to stay. Yvonne and Sabine are amazing, fun and caring people, who Will make you feel very comfortable. Sabine can teach you a lot about what grows on the farm and what you can do with it, and Yvonne is truly a handy-woman, and knows a lot about building and repairing. Together they are a great team, and it’s crazy how they transformed the place. We had a great time there and we felt so welcome. The work was very scheduled and we had lots of free time to enjoy there beautiful farm. We will definitely be coming back!!

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My experience in Natural Slovakia was so perfect, that this text is not enough to describe my feelings :) I felt calm, productive and creative and I loved these 2 weeks. Yvon and Sabina are amazing! They explained everything perfectly to me and made me feel like a friend. I didn't think before that the hosts will be so nice and welcoming! And the place is like a natural paradise, the animals of the farm are so cute and the sounds of the birds and the small river next to the place made me relax and escape from reality. 🦋💐

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We really miss the amazing hostess already. It was a wonderful experience. We shared pleasant moments and we were able to learn a lot. The farm is an incredible place, I recommend it to anyone who wants to disconnect from life in the city and connect with themselves and the impressive nature that surrounds the place. Very grateful with for everything!!!

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It was an unforgettable experience, we are very grateful to have shared and learned from the wonderful hosts, thank you very much Sabina and Ivonne. We hope to one day be able to volunteer again in natural slovakia. The place is impressive, the nature that surrounds it and its infinite history everywhere.

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