Holistico Tayrona Community

we are building a community for souls who want to connect with nature and the universe, breathe fresh air and drink pure water, it is the home for people who want to learn, develop, relax, feel and just live. We are some friends from israel with a community of people from all over the world living together and learning from each other. We believe that a life of sustainability and simplicity is the key to the inner soul In our vision, we are creating a space that will allow us to pass on what we have received and learned from life for others and learn from each other. We live here farmers life (campesinos) Permaculture lifestyle is the expression and action of what we feel inside, we believe that working with the earth is the key to connecting with yourself and the universe. just let nature be your teacher

Me and my brother from Israel Nowwe are living here in Colombia We set up one community in Israel and fell in love with this way of life The opportunity has come to us and here we are in Colombia starting from scratch with all the knowledge we have accumulated in the past We got to work with many volunteers from all over the world We believe in the power of teamwork and the benefit of living together We believe that living close to nature can cure everything

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