Hope Children's Foundation

Volunteering or working with us in the family and the foundation is an ideal way to get to know the other real side of the world to immerse yourself completely in a foreign language, cultures, norms beliefs and staying with new people of different colors, you will learn more skills and you will teach many skills (Hands on)
You can use opportunity to enable you to travel around our country for very low cost; we have many interesting cultural site and world life.

We ensure the responsibility of our actions.

Our approach to children logistics is of a universal nature.

We ensure fairness in all works we do especially concerning the children we care to and volunteers

We have a sense of integrity in which we ensure consistency in our actions , values , methods , measures, principles , expectations the volunteers.

Honesty/ transparency
We ensure truthfulness in all that we take on or intend to do. Our implementation strategy is based on trustworthiness

Am Kayemba Kalema married with one wife and 5 children, civil engineer by professional, ready to work with you to change my community of the marginalized to hopeful. You will meet our cheerful staffs, children and all Ugandans who are welcoming and friendly to all foreigners which give full security to all volunteers. However, remember it takes a lot of thoughts for someone to invite you into their home, for us we are welcoming you into the house, so be prepared to help and work together with us.!

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