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If someone is looking for a beautiful place where they can be in permanent contact with horses and where they can learn everything related to them, this is the place.

We are a family place and we treat everybody like forming part of that family. Volunteers will never feel they are not accepted. If we feel the volunteers are giving us to much, we allways try to correspond.


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Enrique and Ester are wonderful hosts, who want you to feel at home and as part of their family. I felt very welcome from the moment I arrived. There were 3-4 other volunteers present during the time I was there and I enjoyed the exchange with people from different backgrounds, countries and ages. Experience with horses and with life on a farm is definitely a plus as you will have to work independently at times. Unfortunately I had to leave early because of health reasons (celiac's disease). I would have loved to stay longer.

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Solo tengo cosas buenas que decir de mi paso por este voluntariado. Desde el primer momento me hicieron sentir cómodo, como de la familia, tanto Ester como Enrique me han tratado con un cariño y con un respeto inmenso. Las tareas fueron claras desde el principio. Se respetaron los días de descanso e incluso algún día más si lo necesitabas . Las comidas abundantes variadas y deliciosas.El lugar es precioso e invita a quedarse más de unas pocas semanas, en cuanto llegas te enamoran los paisajes y la conexión que se da con los animales de todo tipo. Recomiendo y volvería sin dudarlo. ❤️❤️❤️

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So I will review both of my experiences:

My 1st experience was a special one.. very dear to my heart 🥹 I made a beautiful connection with the two other volunteers 💛 The three of us visited Sevilla Feria in April together which was wonderful, a must see! 💃 Also, the flowers in Spring on the farm!!! 🌸🌼 So beautiful!

2nd time- For the month of December I was solo. A little tough sometimes but it made me strong 😅 and it gave me time to really connect with the horses. I also spent Christmas on the farm. It was heart warming, decorating the tree with little Quique 🥹

Thank you for all 💛

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My stay on Enrique’s farm was a very good experience.
A part from the every day feed my tasks were pretty different every day witch was nice.
I enjoyed training the young horses a lot !The work can be physically hard and feel a bit stressful but spending so much time with the horses was lovely. Esther and Marilou really know how to welcome volunteers and make them feel comfortable !

hace 3 meses

Enrique respondido

To all those reading this !! Ella is a treasure,,, Only my busy mind has prevented me from writing a review. I feel so bad about it. I had given her 5 stars. She is highly recommended. Ella, I am so sorry... we talk soon.



My experience at the farm started in a chaotic time (storms, sickness etc.) and I really planned on staying longer. Due to personal reasons I had to leave earlier, but all in all I had a great time there. I mostly enjoyed the time with the animals. Me and the other volunteers were also able to receive riding classes by Enrique and were allowed to go on a hack by ourselves, which was really nice. It can be stressful when guests are at the farm, but Enrique and Esther trying to make everything possible for us as well, I still hoped for a better organization and communication in this times :) 🫂

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Enrique respondido

Dear Jasmin, with all our love... After 2 days with us you had already decided that you didn't like the place. You didn't like the food when everyone else loved it. You told me you ate vegetarian food and then you only wanted vegan. You told me you knew how to ride a horse and you had no idea... We have felt strongly that you criticize what you see but don't look at yourself.. Good luck

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