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We have different activities that can fit different profiles! You can: cook, help us with art (painting, drawing, etc), do reception & administration work, photography and social media while you have fun with the guests and others volunteers! If you're up to party you can also help us doing "party promoter" job, promoting events at our beautiful terrace or taking the guests out for some pub crawd adventures!

We are a lively hostel based in the center of Faro, the capital of the beautiful and sunny Algarve region of southern Portugal. Our place is located close to all public transport networks so you can explore the region in your free time. We're also close to the best places for a good night live in Faro. We want proactive, friendly, positive and energetic people that are open minded travelers to help us keep a great atmosphere and make our place feels like home! If you have some experience of working or staying in hostels will be even better! We don't expect you to be able to do all things we need in such a short time, but if you think you can help with any of the tasks above please get in touch as soon as possible! So usually, it is really not hard work, and we are a nice international team who have a lot of fun together! It feels like a huge and crazy family, not like colleagues ;) We are looking forward to hear from you! HOSTEL 33.

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I loved working at Hostel 33, the hours were fair and I got to travel all around the Algarve region. The volunteers had a room to ourselves and is great. The only thing I would say is that it says dinner is included but it is actually the food from the breakfast that is allowed to eat whenever, and that consists the “dinner”. But, overall I had a great stay, thanks to the other volunteers and staff :)

1 mes atrás


My experience at the hostel was very cool, the place is in the center, close to everything. Ricardo and his team are incredible. everything that was agreed was fulfilled, I recommend it.:)

3 meses atrás


I had a great time in Hostel 33, the team of volunteers were very original and funny. I really liked the fact of being able to hang out with so many different people at the same time. The shifts were totally respectful allowing you to be able to visit the Algarve region, but if you don't feel like it, WE CAN PLAY UNO at the Reception!! Nightlife in Faro is great! Hahaha I also want to thank Fernanda for the invitation to participe in this experience, you are the best, and Ana too. In fact, you 2 are always giving us as volunteers the support of everything we need. Thanks also Ricardo.

12 meses atrás


It was a wonderful experience, I enjoyed my time in faro, beautiful and charming city. The hostel is great, has good accommodations, great location, and the staff & other volunteers were amazing to work with. Thanks to Fernanda, Anna, Ricardo for giving me the chance to be part of the Hostel33 family! <3

Grts, Katherine.

12 meses atrás


It was an amazing experience! Faro is a very good place to stay while exploring the south of Portugal. The staff was very kind and the general atmosfere of the place is great for travellers. Thank you, Ricardo, Ana and Fernanda!

12 meses atrás

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