Hostel Colonial

We are a small Hostel with 43 beds, but the new owners, 100% dedicated on the bussines, will make your experience worth it. We love to meet people from all around the world and are 100% dedicated on giving the best to our guests.

We are a big family! Our small cozy hostel will make you feel like a real porteño; living downtown close by everything and being able to visit all the famous locations and experiencing Buenos Aires at it's best! We cook, we share, we have fun, we laugh, we tell jokes, we get to know each other, we help and we take care of everyone and everything with love!


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My family in Argentina! I had a wonderful time at Hotsel Colonial in Buenos Aires!
The owners Fede and Kevin are pretty helpful and friendly and the volunteering work schedules are pretty flexible, so you'll have plenty of time to get to know te city and it's people!
The work consists basically in recepcion work and cleaning/organizing the hostel. I stayed there for three months in total and I made really good friends there!
If you choose Hostel Colonial to your next volunteering trip to Buenos Aires you'll wont't regreat! I garantee you =)

11 meses atrás


The experience was awesome! the hostel is beautiful and warm, and their owners are kind and open, so the rerlatioship was easy and fun.
I definitevely recommend coming here!

más de 3 años atrás

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