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We are looking for volunteers who can stay for a minimum of one month, but the longer the better.

A volunteer interested in learning about Kosovo and Balkan traditions and culture would be especially welcomed. In return we offer a bed in one of our comfortable dorms, basic food, coffee, tea and laundry as well. We are looking for volunteers to work at reception. We have two shifts each day, one in the morning and one in the evening which requires sleeping in the hostel after your shift. We ask you to do 3 shifts a week and we can be flexible if you want to have some days off together to explore other parts of the country.
 If you like to go out for a drink with our guests then that is perfect.

Hi everyone,
 I am Arben and I’ve been running this hostel since 2013. The hostel is comfortably designed with 32 beds in shared and private rooms. Our hostel is located at the very heart of Prishtina, right on the main boulevard of Mother Theresa and all the main sights are within a 5 minute walk. Since the beginning we have been working with volunteers. We are looking for people who like being social, interested in meeting new people from different backgrounds and learning about Kosovo and its local life and culture. We want our volunteers to have fun here. Of course you should take your shift seriously but also its a hostel so you will be having fun while you are on shift. The best volunteers for us are the ones who want to have fun with our guests and not just do their shift then hide in their rooms and not socialize. In return we treat our volunteers as friends and give you a nice place to stay.


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The hostel is nice. Pristina is also a nice place. The team are polite and understandable .The tasks were simple and I had free time to explore Kosovo. I highly recommend this volunteer. Guys, thanks for having me and thanks for the help.All the best!




We were not lucky with one of the hosts. They just taught us a little about the work and the next day we were alone, without the support of any of them for any doubt or unforeseen (which happen very in hospitality).
We leaved sooner, because by making a "mistake" (normal for anyone who is learning), one of the hosts yelled at us in front of his friend and other guests. We were very disappointed with his attitude, as we expected more partnership, not that he acted as a "boss".
The expectation we had, was not a "common" job, but an exchange of experiences. And it was not what happened.




I spent 2 amazing months in Pristina was fun to hang out with the Han hostel crew . Arben and Asdren they were a cool host good memories and good friends. I hope see you again.


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