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Our place is located in the center of Alicante, 10 minutes by walk to the beach and 5 minute to all the night clubs. Due to all our services like the ''walking tour'', the '' pub crawl'' or our own bar, work here is an enjoyable experience. We accomodate many people and for the music lovers we have severals instruments which we can use to Jam whenever we want!

It is a family business so the atmosphere is quite close and lovely. Our experience with other volunteers has been wonderful, It never feels like an employer-employee relationship always like new family i.e sisters, brothers, sons or daugthers. Volunteers are welcomed and become integrated into the family joining in with meals..


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My time is Hostel Olé was great. I got to meet the most friendly staff and great volunteers. I enjoyed every single day. The hostel has activities planned for almost everyday and when there are not, the volunteers and staff organize themselves to just enjoy every moment. This hostel is not the place to chose just to be able to travel around. It is mean to provide a social connection and an interpersonal experience and, in my case, it totally worked out (you are able to travel as well) I planned to come back even before I left. I encourage everyone to go to Alicante and live this experience.

hace 21 días



Hostel Olé! esta en muy céntrico de la ciudad,lo cual, te permitía ir serca de la playa y al rededores.Las personas que estan en ese lugar te hacen sentir muy en familia.La encargada es muy comprometida con su trabajo y nos ayudaba en cada labor que nos surgía, estoy muy agradecida.

hace 28 días



My stay in Hostel Ole was the perfect first volunteering experience.

I got to work with an amazing team that always sticks together, helps each other with every problem and is super open and friendly to everyone.
The tasks are super well explained and everyone was really patient.
There's always a really enjoyable atmosphere in the hostel which makes it easy to get in touch with new people and travelers from all over the world.
What you get back in reverse of your work is worth it 200%.
Thanks to everyone who made this such a wonderful experience, I miss you already <3

hace 2 meses



La mejor experiencia! La recomendo a todos que quieran compartir su voluntariado con un equipo increíble y que quieran vivir en una ciudad acogedora. Mejore muchísimo mi español y aprendí mucho tanto con las personas como con el trabajo que tenía que hacer. Gracias por todo!

hace 2 meses



Fue una de las experiencias más maravillosas que he tenido, desde el inicio todos fueron super amables y estuvieron pendiente de todo, aprendí muchísimo de cada uno de ellos, conocí muchas personas maravillosas , todo el equipo que conforma el Hostel y la banda son personas impresionantes, gracias por todo!
Respecto a los trabajos en el Hostel, es bastante sencillo y la interacción con los huésped y mis amigos me permitió mejorar mi inglés!!
Everything absolutely everything was wonderful!
Recomendado a 1000%

hace 2 meses

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