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this was the absolute best experience of my entire life. i have never felt more at home, happy, comfortable. this experience gave me the peak of my life. the hostle is built by their staff. my manager, agustin was the most amazing person and boss i could’ve asked for. every worker is so happy to be there, that there is no negativity and always helping hands around. if you are a social person, this is the perfect job for you but don’t look at it like a job, look at it through an experience. live every moment to the fullest. sleep when you get home, go out as much as you can! 11/10 experience.

hace 17 días



Mi experiencia fue en general buena. Conoces muchas personas y amistades distintos países, practicas tu inglés, conoces la ciudad, sales seguido de fiesta. Todos los días cenamos juntes lo que me gustaba mucho. Hay comunidad ❤ Experiencia intensa en términos de bastante fiesta y en horarios: te acuestas y levantas a diferente hora casi cada día según turnos, etc. Al principio me costó adaptarme a eso y enfermé, ya luego agarré el ritmo. La vida de hostal te consume un poco, pero si estás ok con eso genial! Ojalá sean personas sociables y que les guste estar con gente gran parte del tiempo 💚😉

hace 17 días



Best experience of my life, i dont even have time to thank everyone. If you are thinking of volunteering somewhere this is the place you can imagine! OneFam we move!!!

hace 18 días



I stayed in OneFam Les Corts and I had the best time! All of the 5 hostels worked together like a big family and I felt really welcomed by everyone!
You get the chance to explore the city and it’s nightlife with the hostel. Most of the work is helping around the hostel or socialising with the guests, so if you like being around people you will love this volunteering!:)
I met amazing people while I was there and I already miss it, I will definitely come back!!<3

hace 27 días



The experience is truly one to remember. The work is easy and you get to do with your freetime whatever you want to. I met hundreds of travellers in the few weeks i have been there and it was one of the best trips i ever did. It was my first time volunteering and i felt welcomed :)
You get to meet other volunteers there and make friends for a lifetime. You'll be having the most fun if you are reallyyy social and outgoing with an endless social battery ;))

hace 1 mes